Where to Skateboard in Singapore: 10 Top Spots

Where to skateboard in singapore: 8 top spots

Wondering where to start practicing or flaunt your skateboarding skills in Singapore? This list will do just the trick.

Nothing beats cruising on two wheels – the feeling that skateboarding provides is akin to flying!

Choosing the right place to skateboard at is almost as important as mastering the sport itself.

After all, you don't want to be practicing at a skateboard park that's too far away, or does not have the right ramps for your level of practice.

Regardless of where you are located, read this guide as we show you the top 10 best skateboard parks to skate at in Singapore – there's bound to be one for you.

Where to Skateboard in Singapore: 10 Top Spots

1. Stadium skatepark

Beginner and intermediate skaters, this skatepark located in Kallang is a great playground of choice!

Stadium Skatepark features a mini ramp, funbox and a couple of low rails for you to skate on. The mini ramp is great for practicing your drop-ins if you are still trying to master it.

In addition, Stadium Skatepark is a great location for wet weather plans. The sheltered indoor track is just a few steps away from Gate 14 where the skatepark is located, therefore making it easy to seek shelter.

Address: 14 Stadium Drive

Where to Skateboard in Singapore: 10 Top Spots

2. Somerset skatepark

Image courtesy of Flickr

Inarguably one of the more popular skateparks in Singapore due to its central location, Somerset Skatepark is one of the best haunts for obstacles.

The skatepark features ramps of varying heights and several funboxes – a combination of obstacles such as ledges, ramps and rails.

Beginners will be pleased to note that there's also an open space consisting of smooth flat ground just to practice the basics.

Soak in the city skyline and grab a bite easily if you choose to skate here!

Address: 1 Somerset Road

Where to Skateboard in Singapore: 8 Top Spots

Skateboard oxelo team 500 (paranoid white)

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Xtreme Skatepark

3. Xtreme skatepark

Image courtesy of tickikids.com

As the largest skatepark in Singapore, it's no wonder Xtreme Skatepark is one of the most popular hangs for skateboarders due to its wide variety of features and obstacles that are available only at this park.

For beginners, be sure to try out their Street Course which features gentle inclines, drop-ins and quarter pipe ramps to test out your first drop-in. The highest roll-in ramp exists here at 3.65m – perfect for beginner adrenaline junkies!

Advanced skateboarders will also be thrilled to discover that the Combo Bowl and Vert Bowl here.

The former flaunts a "cradle", which is a slight overhang for more advanced manoeuvres, while the latter features curved ramps with a 90-degree drop-in that's a dream for experts.

Don't worry about getting stuck in the various bowls, as both have a built-in ladder for you to easily climb up and down in.

Address: F1 Car Park @ East Coast Park

Where to Skateboard in Singapore: 10 Top Spots

4. Eunos petal garden skatepark

Image courtesy of The Smart Local

Aside from Xtreme Skatepark, here's another option for those living in the East! Eunos Petal Garden Skatepark is another hidden gem located in the heartlands.

The skatepark features a number of street obstacles, a mini ramp, and a wide box in the centre for those who are looking to perfect their ollies and manuals. It also features the only waist-level ledge that is about 3m high for daredevils to practice grinds on.

Address: 611 Bedok Reservoir Road

Where to Skateboard in Singapore: 8 Top Spots

Skateboard oxelo team 500 (oj white)

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Where to Skateboard in Singapore: 10 Top Spots

5. Buangkok skatepark

Image courtesy of Skater Coder 

Buangkok Skatepark is a homely neighbourhood skate park that's perfect if you are living in the North East.

Located just a few minutes away from Buangkok Crescent Plaza, this quiet skatepark features plenty of ramps and a small grind box in the middle of the park – great for practicing if you don't want to jostle with pro crowds.

Beginners, note that you have to be careful here though due to the rough concrete flooring. That being said, always ensure that you are properly padded with safety gear before skating!

Address: 983 Buangkok Crescent

Where to Skateboard in Singapore: 10 Top Spots

6. Jurong west skatepark

Image courtesy of The Skateboard Shop

Westies, this one's for you! There's no need to travel far to get your skateboarding fix with this Jurong West Skatepark around.

A walking distance from NTU, this hidden gem is perfect for letting off steam for beginner skateboarders. The park features gently sloped small flat ramps that won't be too intimidating for rookies, even if you go alone.

Address: 846 Jurong West Street 81

Where to Skateboard in Singapore: 10 Top Spots

7. Ite college central skatepark

Image courtesy of The Smart Local

Located along Ang Mo Kio Drive, you'll be pleasantly surprised to discover that ITE College Central Skatepark is open to public! Just take note that the park may be used for school events occasionally.

Plus point of this spot? It has plenty of shade, which makes skating during the afternoons a breeze. The park features several obstacles, such as a mini ramp, fun box and pyramids. It also has several benches that are meant both for sitting and skating on.

Address: ITE College Central, 2 Ang Mo Kio Drive

Where to Skateboard in Singapore: 10 Top Spots

8. Bishan (harmony) skatepark

Image courtesy of Streetdirectory

Conveniently located just a walk away from Bishan MRT, budding skaters will be glad to know that Bishan Skatepark is a great choice due to its smooth and soft flooring coupled with railings all around.

The park is colur coded and divided into three sections: A street section in red which features several intermediate obstacles, a flat open area in green, and a wide, shallow bowl in blue for drop-ins. Thus, skaters of varying levels alike will find this park suitable for their practice.

Address: Bishan Road

We hope you enjoyed reading this guide!

Now that you've mentally made a list of all these skateparks in Singapore, it's time to go forth and embark on your next skate.

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