Workout At Home: 4 Resistance Training Band Exercises


Training Band

Resistance band training is a great way to work your muscles and build on your strength. Resistance bands are inexpensive and are great for anyone! Choose your resistance based on your fitness level and get started!

Continue reading this article to learn 4 basic resistance band training exercises, that you can do anytime and anywhere! Do not let the simplicity of these exercises fool you. They are effective and some say, they are more beneficial over tradition free weights training :) 


If you have never done squats before, it is not too late to start now :) Doing squats have shown benefits in our day to day activities. Getting up from the sofa becomes a little easier. Or lifting things from the floor may not be as difficult anymore. 


Target Muscles: Glutes & Other Leg Muscle Groups

Exercise Breakdown: 

1. Stand shoulder width apart, and step on the side of the resistance band

2. Loop the other side of the band on top of your shoulders and cross your arms

3. Begin your Squat!

Points to note: Do ensure that your back is straight throughout the exercise. And do not let your knees go past your toes. 


Squats With Resistance Band


The deadlift is a compound exercise (an exercise that uses a combination of muscle groups) that helps with stability and strength building. Unknowingly, some of us do deadlift in our day to day activities. For example, when you pick up your heavy NTUC bags from the floor. So why not integrate this simple and effective exercise in workout routine? 


Target Muscles: Glutes & Hamstrings Muscle Groups

Exercise Breakdown: 

1. Step in the middle of the resistance band

2. Grab on to the outsides of the band

3. Bend you knees and push your hips backward

4. Lift your chest and straighten your lower back

5. Take a deep breath, contract your glutes and stand up while holding on to the resistance band. 

Points to note: Your back should remain as straight as possible, throughout the exercise. Drive your hips forward when you stand up to get the full effect of the deadlift. 

Bicep Curls

Bicep Curls

Do this exercise to get toned and stronger arms! Besides the appeal of less flabby arms, bicep curls help with strengthening your biceps, which ultimately benefits when you do any pulling movements.


Target Muscles: Biceps

Exercise Breakdown: 

1. Step on one side of the resistance band, standing shoulder width apart.

2. Grab on to the other side of the resistance band, with your palms facing upward.

3. Curl your arms up, towards your shoulders.

Points to note: Keep your elbows close to your body. Ensure that your upper arms remain stationary.


Triceps Extensions 

Once you're done with your biceps, it is now to balance it with your triceps! As you strengthen your triceps, your shoulders and elbows naturally get stronger too :) So together with bicep curls, you can be more confident when you wear your sleeveless tops! 


Target Muscles: Triceps

Exercise Breakdown: 

1. Stand with one foot in front of the other.

2. Using you back foot, step on one side of the resistance band.

3. Grab the other end of the resistance band, palms facing up and keep your elbows close to your face.

4. Straighten your arms above your head.

5. Retract back to the starting position, slowly.

Points to note: Keep your elbows close to your head at all times. Ensure that your body is stable throughout.


Triceps Extensions