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Workout tips for maintaining your cycling strength at home

Workout Tips for Maintaining Your Cycling Strength at Home

Is it possible to train without a bicycle at home? Yes it is! And best of all, it's very simple! Let us share with you a few exercises that will improve your lower body strength without any complicated equipment.

Introduction: the workouts

The workouts below will target different muscle groups that you use frequently while cycling.

Lunges - Hip, quadriceps and lower back

Squats - Quadriceps, knees and hamstrings

Planks - Core muscles 

Alternate Leg Raise - Lower back, core muscles

Cycle Crunches - Core muscles and muscle flexibility


Optional equipment to enhance your workout

While the workouts below don't require any equipment, advanced cyclists may wish to increase the difficulty level with the following equipment:

- Dumbbells

- Kettlebell

- Foam Roller

- Ankle Weights

- Bench

You will also probably want an exercise mat of some sort (a non-slip rug can be a good alternative) and a towel to wipe yourself down.

Don't forget to hydrate - keep a bottle of water handy!



Targeted muscle: Hip, quadriceps and lower back

~- In standing position, take a step forward with your right leg

- Bend your right knee at about 90 degrees so that your knee is directly above your ankle

- Your left leg should be almost touching the ground

- Repeat the move with your left leg

* To increase the level of difficulty use dumbbells to do weighted lunges.

Reps: 3 sets of 10 with 45 second breaks

Speed Coordination


Targeted muscle: Quadriceps, knees and hamstrings


- Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart

- Lower your body into a squat position, bending your knees and pushing back your hips

- Lift your arms forward or upward to find balance in your squat and slowly lift yourself up using your knees and hips

* Use a kettlebell as weights to increase the difficulty level.

Reps: 3 sets of 10 reps with 90 seconds rest in between ~ 



Target muscles: Core muscles 


- Place forearms in 90 degrees on the floor with elbows and arms parallel towards your body

- Hold this position for 60 seconds and repeat

* To increase the difficulty level you can twist your body to do a side plank or use a foam roller in between your knees to do an air plank

Reps: 3 sets for 60 seconds


Alternate leg raise (aka flutter kicks)

Target muscles: Lower back, core muscles


- Lie down facing the ceiling and lift both legs up straight

- Slowly move your legs up and down maintaining straightness in your legs

*To increase difficulty use ankle weights for more intensity on your core muscles

Reps: 3 sets for 60 seconds~ 


Cycle crunches

Target muscles: Core muscles and muscle flexibility

~- Lie down

- Move to a sit-up position whilst cupping your ears

- Lift yourself up to a crunch position and make your legs repeat a pedaling-like motion with your knees bent

* To increase the difficulty level, move your torso and body from side to side

Reps: 3 sets of 10 reps with 60 seconds rest between sets

Training at home can be fun - even without your bike! We hope you found this article helpful and look forward to seeing you meet your cycling performance goals!

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