Yoga with Kid

Yoga at home: for kids

Do you enjoy Yoga? Love the glow you get after a great session? Want to pass all of this to your child? Or would like to enjoy a peaceful Yoga session with your little one? Here are some suggestions on how to get started!


Yoga can be fun!

“ All yoga postures are accessible to children ”, explains one of our yoga coaches. “ Of course, there is learning and evolution in practice. But all the movements made by the older ones are accessible to the younger ones. ” In fact, children are more flexible compared to adults. Therefore, don't be surprised if your kid manages to achieve a full back bend before you do!


However, it can be challenging to keep your child engaged for a long period of time. Therefore, we recommend keeping the Yoga session playful! Keep your child engaged by involving some story telling and imagination. Indeed, Yoga is a practice that requires a lot of concentration, precision and rigor. But, for the little ones these conditions must be adapted.  “ The advantage with yoga is that many poses can be imagined: we have the cat, the dog, the mountain, the tree, the warrior… This practice, somewhere, has the advantage of calling upon children's imagination. A real advantage for parents and teachers too! ”

Practice Together

Practice together

Yoga is excellent for family time, because anyone and everyone can practice it. Unlike other sports, which may have age limits or physical limitations, Yoga can be practiced together and anywhere! Even in your comfortable living room, just move some furniture around, lay your mats and begin your practice! 

The biggest advantage that Yoga can bring to your child is that Yoga helps the development of psychomotor skills. Through the practice of Yoga, your little ones are able to discover different movements that would help with balance and coordination. 

Practice yoga daily or weekly, to help you and your child focus. Take a break from the day to day chores, and spend time to concentrate on your breathing and mind. It will also give you some quiet time, and once the yoga session is over, your child is free to run free and create a ruckus! 

Let's get started!

Calm Environment

Set the mood

Begin by removing any distractions from the room. You wouldn't want your practice to be disrupted by your little one running to their favourite toy or video game. Create some room for the practice. Move some bulky furniture around so that you and your entire family may practice in the same space. Nothing can beat some face to face yoga time!

For an added bonus, play some soft music, preferably without lyrics. It is recommended to listen to classical music during the practice as classical music relieves stress and brings peace to the mind. This adds to the tranquil environment that would be optimal for your and your little ones!

Yoga Poses Animals

Create a story

Incorporating storytelling is a delightful tip to engage kids in their yoga practice. Transforming yoga into an imaginative adventure not only captures their attention but also makes the experience more enjoyable. 

As they embark on poses and stretches, weave a narrative that transports them to magical places or envisions them as their favourite animals.This narrative approach not only makes the practice more accessible for beginners but also encourages creativity and a sense of play, turning each yoga session into a captivating journey of both body and imagination.

Accompany your child

The practice

Get your child to achieve the yoga poses smoothly. Initially, try to get your little one to hold the pose for 1 breath. If you see that your child is patient and is interested in practice, you may increase the number of breaths to 3. 

Ensure that your child is not in any discomfort throughout the practice. If your little one is not able to achieve the correct pose, it is completely ok. What is more important is that your child is able to concentrate and is enjoying the session. It is also recommended to accompany your child during the poses. Do the downward dog with him/her or help him/her adjust their position. Keep an eye out for any possible injuries and maintain patience with your little Yogi.

Finally, do keep in mind that your little one's ability and attention span may not be the same as an adult's. Therefore, keep the session short and sweet :) 

We hope you enjoyed our article. If you are new to Yoga, fret not! Just google the names of the poses and there are many videos and articles on how to achieve those poses. That's the great thing about practicing a sport that is speculated to be over 5,000 years old! Namaste!