3 Must-haves for a beach day with the family this june holiday

Take your family out for a fun-filled time at the beach with our beach products - from volleyballs to beach tennis sets and more.

Fun Family Activities to Do this June Holiday: At the Beach

What's synonymous with sand, sun and an unforgettable time?
A day out at the beach, of course!
Check out our list of beach products to get the whole family pumped up this June holidays. There are plenty of beach activities you can do with these products!

Beach tennis bat set woody sand

If you haven't tried beach tennis before, take this opportunity to test out a new sport while enjoying your time at the beach! It has various kid-friendly features that will make it suitable for all.

Ergonomic grip:
Ultra comfortable foam grip handle.

Comes with a soft ball for the right rally speed, hours of fun and safety.

Rackets weigh 240g each - suitable for little ones to hold for long periods of time.

3 Must-Haves for a Family Beach Day this June Holiday
3 Must-Haves for a Family Beach Day this June Holiday

Beach volleyball bvbs100

Looking to teach the young ones how to play beach volleyball? There's no safer way to learn than with our soft volleyball that's safe for kids.

Machine-stitched assembly of ball.

Limits absorption of water to up to 15% of the ball's initial weight.

Comfort grip:
Soft, comfortable ball feel for reassuring contact.

Bodyatu kids' bodyboard

Your kids' first step to surfing starts here! This bodyboard comes with hand grips for your child to get used to waves and enjoy their first wave-riding experience.

Ergonomic grip:
Comes with 2 handles at the front and a leash for extra safety.

Designed for children from 15 to 25 kg (4 - 8 years old). For depths up to the navel.

Please note that this product is only for use in shallow water where the child can touch the bottom and under adult supervision. Particular care must be taken if there is wind and/or current.

3 Must-Haves for a Family Beach Day this June Holiday

These 3 simple yet fun products will guarantee you endless fun for the whole day. Just pick a beach at Sentosa or East Coast and start having fun.
With that, we hope that you found this article useful. Now, get packing for your trip to the beach with the family!

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