3 Must-haves for a scooting good time with the family this june holiday

There's no better time to teach your kids how to scoot, swim or play badminton with our urban products this holiday. The catch? They can all be done in your vicinity!

5 Products for a Scooting Good Time with the Family this June Holiday

Explore 3 different sports with your family with these 3 must-have products. What's more, they can all be done in a day easily - absolute fun guaranteed! One idea that can be done together as a family include riding scooters along your park connectors or neighbour hood parks. Or why not grab a pair of badminton rackets and get swinging together. Lastly, maybe you could grab some pool floats and teach your little ones some swimming!

Town 9 ef v2 adult scooter

Thinking of teaching your kids to scoot? Get your kids a scooter, then get one for yourself too! Here's why the Town 9 EF should be on your list:

Folds quickly:
Simply stand in front of the scooter, press the buttons on the handlebars to fold them inwards, and step on the front pedal! Super easy, right?

Handlebar height adjustment:
This versatile scooter is suitable for users between 145m - 195m.

Easy transport:
Weighing at just 7.4kg, this scooter is easy to transport thanks to its 'trolley' mode. Just fold and drag it away like a suitcase!

Handlebar brakes:
No need to get used to back pedal brakes - this scooter's brakes work just like a bike's.

This scooter takes a max weight of 100kg. It also comes with a bell and Allen keys designed to fit all of the scooter's parts so that you can tighten any loose screws (which may come loose over time due to bumps and vibrations).

Get our helmets and protective gear while you're at it!

3 Must-Haves for a Rollin' Good Time with the Family this June Holiday
3 Must-Haves for a Rollin' Good Time with the Family this June Holiday

Adult br 100 set

Scoot to your nearest badminton court for a friendly badminton match with your loved ones. This set is great for beginners - includes 2 plastic shuttlecocks and a carry bag as well!

The rackets' aluminium head and steel shaft make the rackets very sturdy.

This head-heavy racket offers excellent power.

Light and portable:
Weighing at 165g with a length of 665mm, this set is easy to transport around.

Kids tiswim swimming armband - waistbands

Cool off after all those activities by taking a dip in the pool with your little ones! Ensure they stay safe with our swimming armband (designed for kids weighing 15-30kg).

There are 3 ways of using this float to adapt to your kids' level of comfort in the water.
1- Armbands + front belt: To stay afloat in all positions
2 - Just armbands: To start moving in the water in a vertical position
3 - Just belt (positioned at the back): To discover the swimmer's position (horizontal) and first swimming movements

Its inner surfaces are made of polyester for softness and comfort.

3 Must-Haves for a Rollin' Good Time with the Family this June Holiday

Who said you had to travel overseas to spend quality time with the family when you could do it within your vicinity, all in a day? Of course, pace yourself while you're at it, and you're sure to have a ball of a time!

3 Must-Haves for a Rollin' Good Time with the Family this June Holiday


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