Urban Hike Trails in Singapore

Urban hiking trails in singapore

Looking for ways to discover Singapore for free? Read on to have your next adventure by simply walking! Plus point - it burns tons of calories too.

Singapore may be small, but hiking trails around the city are aplenty!

Besides, travelling on foot is one of the best ways to explore the endless beauty that this little red dot has to offer.

Read on to find out 3 urban hiking trails for your next adventure by foot.

Urban Hike Trails in Singapore

1. City trail

Route: Botanic Gardens - East Coast Park
Distance: 24km
Difficulty level: Moderate

This path takes you on a literal hike through the sights and sounds of town! Since it's a pretty long walk, it'll give you enough time to have proper quality time with friends and family.

Start off at the quaint and serene Botanic Gardens, before plowing through Orchard Road, Esplanade, Singapore Flyer, Marina Bay Sands, Marina Barrage, and finally arriving at East Coast Park!

As this route is pretty long, protection against the sun is of utmost importance. Therefore, a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen will come in handy.

Staying hydrated and comfortable is a must as well! Bring along a water bottle that's big enough to last you the whole walk, and make sure to dress in light and comfortable walking shoes and clothes.

You might also want to bring along a hammock to chill and have a picnic along East Coast Park as a reward after the long hike. If you are lucky, you might even catch a nice sunset!

Pro-tip: If you get tired at Marina Barrage, you can choose to rent a bike to cycle instead!

Urban Hike Trails in Singapore

2. Rural trail

Route: Old KTM Railway Tunnel - Railway Corridor
Distance: 22km
Difficulty level: Moderate-Hard

This trail is for all you adventure seekers out there! 

Compared to the city trail which is pretty straightforward, this one brings you through the dense foliage and undergrowth of Clementi Forest, before embarking on the PCNs of Green and Railway Corridor.

Do note that you might need to navigate your way around Clementi Forest, so stretchy hiking pants would be ideal.

Clementi Forest also tends to be wet and muddy, so a pair of hiking shoes with good grip are essential on this route. Be prepared to clean them after as well!

As you'll mostly be traveling outdoors, wet weather essentials will be a great addition to this hike. Consider bringing along a raincoat, waterproof jacket and waterproof hiking pants.

Pro-tip: Bring along camping chairs and an insulated bottle to store cool or warm drinks to end your hike on a high! There's nothing better than chilling with a cup of coffee/tea/milo with good company after a long and fulfilling hike.

3. Coast-to-coast trail

Route: Jurong Lake Gardens - Coney Island
Distance: 36km
Difficulty level: Moderate

This trail is the longest out of this list, but the most straightforward as the entire route is connected by PCNs. The trail links up nature areas, nature parks and park connectors.

Depending on which is closer to you, you could either start from Jurong Lake Gardens or Coney Island, and work your way towards the opposite end. Consider having a halftime pit stop meal at Lornie Nature Corridor before journeying on!

If you are looking to complete the trail before nightfall, our advice is to start much earlier – ideally before sunrise like 5 am.

Of course, with any long hike, do make sure to bring items for sun protection like sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses.

Pro-tip: Consider bringing along a water bladder instead of a water bottle so that you can hydrate on the go – it's super convenient for long hikes like this one!

3 Urban Hiking Trails: The Best Way to Explore Singapore by Foot
3 Urban Hiking Trails: The Best Way to Explore Singapore by Foot

Get hiking ready

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Urban Hike Trails in Singapore

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