Hiking Mount Imbiah Trail: The Complete Guide

Hiking mount imbiah trail: the complete guide

Discover the full guide to the unique Imbiah Trail in Sentosa Singapore!

The first thing that comes to mind when anyone mentions Sentosa Island is Universal Studios, the S.E.A. Aquarium, or the beach. However, some lesser-known great locations on the island are waiting to be uncovered.

The Mount Imbiah hiking trail is an inexpensive and excellent attraction on Sentosa island for people who are looking to have a different experience.

In this article, we will provide you with everything you need to know about the Mount Imbiah trail, including the route, attractions, and the things you will need for the trail.

Read on to find out more!

Hiking Mount Imbiah Trail: The Complete Guide

Hiking mount imbiah trail: overview

Image credits: Wikimedia Commons

The Mount Imbiah trail is a scenic hiking place in Singapore, located in a hidden pocket of Sentosa island. The trail has existed in the region since the island was first opened to the public in the early 1970s.

It traverses around Mount Imbiah in a circular loop, and the summit of the hill exists at a whopping height of 80m above the mean sea level.

It is now one of the many protected nature reserves of Sentosa island.

The Mount Imbiah hiking trail is roughly 2.3km long, and it takes an average person around 30-40 minutes to complete the trail.

You can easily complete this trail as it is a beginner-friendly trail offering many attractions. However, it is important to keep yourself hydrated at all times, so don’t forget to carry a Hiking Flask.

Reaching the mount imbiah hiking trail 

There are several ways to reach the start of the Mount Imbiah hiking trail.

You have the option to take the:

Hiking Mount Imbiah Trail: The Complete Guide
Hiking Mount Imbiah Trail: The Complete Guide

2. Public bus

Image credits: Flickr

If you choose to take the public buses, you can board bus 123, which will take you to the Village Hotel Sentosa. This is quite close to the Imbiah Lookout Station (roughly 2 km).

Hiking Mount Imbiah Trail: The Complete Guide

3. Insta-island bus

Image credits: Wikimedia Commons

Another way to reach the Imbiah Lookout directly is through the Intra-Island Bus. You can board a Sentosa Bus A or C to reach the start of the hiking trail.

Hiking Mount Imbiah Trail: The Complete Guide

4. Sentosa express monorail

Image credits: Wikimedia Commons

If you want to take the Sentosa Express, you can hop on the monorail from Vivo City. It will take you to the Imbiah Station after two stops.

After you reach Imbiah Lookout Station, you can reach the entrance of the nature trail by taking the Imbiah Road from the station.

You also have the option to check out the Skyline Luge or Madame Tussauds at Imbiah Lookout point. Besides this, the Imbiah Lookout has the Sentosa Nature Discovery gallery, which visitors can browse before beginning their nature walk.

After taking the escalators from Imbiah Road, you would find a path leading up to the trail. Thereafter, you would find many maps and signage that would guide you through the trail, so there is no worry about getting lost.

Imbiah hiking trail attractions

Mount Imbiah Waterfalls

1. Waterfalls

Image credits: Little Day Out

As you hike through the Imbiah hiking trail, you would pass through three waterfalls. The first waterfall that would welcome you is the Imbiah Falls.

The Imbiah Falls runs through the forest area of the hills, and their burbling sound can often be heard from afar. The second waterfall you will be able to see is the Tempinis Falls.

This is a larger waterfall that also has a small pathway leading all the way to the top of the falls. The most impressive waterfall you would find on the trail is the Dragon Falls.

The edge of this waterfall looks like a sleeping dragon, with water flowing out of its mouth. To enjoy your experience at these waterfalls, don’t forget to carry a Hiking Rain Poncho.

Mount Imbiah Battery Ruins

2. Military battery ruins

Image credits: Dreamstime

Mount Imbiah was also used as an artillery battery site at a time. The military battery ruins found here are one of the many sites that were used for defending the southern coast of Singapore.

You will be able to reach the remnants of this military battery site after climbing to the top of Mount Imbiah. After reaching the top, you would be able to see large concrete emplacements. You can also explore the support buildings located at the back of this site.

Mount Imbiah Birdwatching Tower

3. Birdwatching tower

Photo credits: Little Day Out

You can also visit the birdwatching tower when hiking through the Mount Imbiah trail. If you want to observe different kinds of bird species that inhabit Mount Imbiah, you can climb up the 2-story birdwatching tower.

To ensure a better birdwatching experience, you can consider taking Adjustable Hiking Binoculars with 10x magnification.

Besides birdwatching, the top of the tower also presents great views of the Sentosa Line intra-island cable cars that pass by.

4. Moss corner

Another excellent place to stop by on your hike is the Moss Corner, which has different species of moss. 

If you have an appreciation of these little things, you would certainly enjoy the Moss Corner, which is located a little away from the main path. 

Among the different species of moss, you would be able to find Asplenium nidus and Angiopteris evecta.

Imbiah Hill Adventure Zone

5. Adventure zone

Image credits: Flickr

If you have an adventurous spirit, you can visit the Mega Adventure Park on Imbiah hill. This park has many high obstacle courses, which are excellent attractions for thrill-seekers.

If you want to get a bird’s eye view of the Imbiah trail and the forest area, you can take the MegaZip, which is a 450 m-long zip line.

Add Mount Imbiah trail to your list of hiking trails Singapore, and we are sure that you will not be disappointed.

This beginner-friendly hiking trail will give you plenty of unforgettable memories and make you richer by experience!

Hiking Mount Imbiah Trail: The Complete Guide

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