4 Badminton beginner's essentials for men

Which badminton racket, shuttlecock, shoe and attire should you get if you're just starting out? Find out the answers in this article!

4 Badminton Essentials for Beginners

So, you're planning to pick up a new sport, and you've picked badminton. Great!

Now for the next step: which products should you choose to begin?

Well, we've got a full set for you under $155 - check them out!

4 Badminton Essentials for Beginners

Adult badminton racket br 560 set lite

This set comes with two rackets weighing just 76g each. 

If you're looking for speed, control and durability, this set of rackets will do the trick. 

It comes with a tube of shuttlecocks for your first game too - what's not to love?

Feather shuttlecock fsc 590 speed 77 x 12

These FSC 590 shuttlecocks are just what you need - they're light enough such that there's good trajectory control but sturdy enough such that they're highly durable as well.

4 Badminton Essentials for Beginners

Men badminton shoes bs 530 

A good pair of court shoes should consist of something that's lightweight, with adequate cushioning and breathability. 

This pair checks all the boxes! In fact, it's comfortable for both on-court and off-court use. Take it from us!

4 Badminton Essentials for Beginners

T-shirt 560 m red navy

Stay dry while smashing shuttles with this jersey! 

Made of synthetic stretch material to guarantee freedom of movement while moving around on the court, and moisture-wicking properties to ensure you stay comfortable throughout the whole game.

4 Badminton Essentials for Beginners

Badminton is one of the most enjoyable sports to enjoy with your loved ones, as the barrier to entry is not high, and it can be played by anyone - from young to old! 

So what are you waiting for? Get these beginner's essentials and start smashing on the courts today.

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