Start scooting with these 4 beginner's essentials

Thinking of picking up scooting? Here are 4 beginner's items to kick off!

Start Scooting with these 4 Beginner's Essentials

Scooting around town isn't just liberating, it's also a handy way to commute.

Thinking of starting out? Gear up with these 4 beginner's items that will ensure a fun yet safe ride!

Town 7xl adult scooter

To begin your scooting journey, you'd need a scooter, of course!

The swanky Town 7XL Adult Scooter is great for regular, short-distance rides of up to 2km.

It also comes with dual suspension and handlebar brakes. YES we said it - no stepping is required to brake.

Inline skating skateboarding scootering helmet mf500

Stay cool AND protected with our Scootering Helmet MF500!

It comes with 12 vents to ensure ample ventilation for your head.

Weighing at just 340g, it's also adjustable in height and depth.

Start Scooting with these 4 Beginner's Essentials
Start Scooting with these 4 Beginner's Essentials

Fit500 adult 3-piece inline skate protection set

You know what they say - safety comes before play! 

Aside from your scootering helmet, ensure that you are fully protected with our Fit500 3-piece protection set. 

The set comes with a pair of elbow, wrist and knee guards so that you can scoot in peace.

Start Scooting with these 4 Beginner's Essentials

3L hydration backpack st 100

Stay hydrated on-the-go with this lightweight hydration backpack! 

Comes with a 1L water bladder that can be easily accessed with an external drinking tube. 

It also comes pockets to carry other items (e.g. your keys or wallet) up to 3L capacity.

We wish you all the best on your scooting journey!

It's going to be tons of fun, but remember the old adage:
safety first!

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