4 Wet weather products for outdoor activities or everyday use

Lightweight and compact, bring these wet weather products around with you in case there is a sudden downpour!

3 Essentials for Wet Weather

Do you often get caught in the rain while hiking, cycling or even when you are riding a motorbike? 

With the unpredictable monsoon weather in Singapore, you can never tell when the rain will pour. 

Fret not – those days are over with these 3 lightweight and portable products to always have on hand in the event of rainy weather.

3 Wet Weather Products for Sports or Everyday Use

1. Waterproof jacket or raincoat

Decathlon has a WIDE variety of waterproof jackets, raincoats and ponchos. Therefore, you might wonder - which one is the most suitable for your needs? Fret not, we are here to help you out!

The first thing to note is whether you'll need a half-zip or full-zip jacket:

- A half-zip jacket is the most affordable of all types of jackets. It is almost like a poncho but only zips down halfway.

- A full-zip jacket zips all the way down. This also means it is much quicker to put it on and take it off as compared to a half-zip jacket.

The second deciding factor is its level of waterproofness:

At Decathlon, a fabric's resistance to water pressure is expressed in terms of the height of a water column in mm.

The higher the water pressure, the more waterproof the fabric. Therefore, a component with a waterproof rating of 2,000 mm can withstand the pressure exerted by a 2,000 mm water column.

So look out for the different ratings for our jackets! You can find it under the product description.
Some jackets can also be folded and stored in their own pockets for convenience!

3 Essentials for Wet Weather

2. Waterproof overpants

Our most affordable and highly sought-after overpants are super easy to use. 

Designed with a drawstring waist, loose fit and zips at the ankle, they're easy to put on and take off - simply wear them over your attire to keep it from getting wet! 

With its waterproof rating of 2000mm, it will keep you fully protected from the rain when you match it with the waterproof jacket.

These overpants are also lightweight and compact - a definite must-have for wet weather situations. 

3 Wet Weather Products for Sports or Everyday Use

3. A waterproof backpack cover

Now that you have got your tops and bottoms sorted out, the next thing to consider is a waterproof backpack cover.

This is especially useful if you are out hiking or riding a bike with a backpack!

Designed for backpacks ranging from 20 - 35L, not only is it highly adaptable, but it also comes in a bright orange colour to help with visibility.

Super lightweight and compact, store it in its pouch easily and carry it wherever with you!

3 Wet Weather Products for Outdoor Activities or Everyday Use

4. Hiking rain poncho

A waterproof poncho is a must-have on hikes!

It will shield you from light showers, and can even shield your backpack.

The best part is that they're lightweight and easy to put on in case of sudden rain.

Equip yourself with these essentials during rainy seasons and you won't regret it! 

3 Essentials for Wet Weather

Written by: arfah, hiking department manager

Have fun exploring different sports, even when it is raining! Cheers!

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