4 Swimming Beginner's Essentials for Women

4 Swimming beginner's essentials for women

Has learning to swim always been on your bucket list? Get down on it with these 4 beginner's essentials – all for under $60!

They don't call swimming an essential lifeskill for nothing! 

So dunk those excuses and get started now with these 4 must-have products for beginners without busting the bank.

4 Swimming Beginner's Essentials for Women

Silicone mesh swim cap print

Worried about hair flying all over the place while swimming? This stretchy and waterproof cap is your solution.

 Plus points for its quirky design as well! Comes in three different designs.

4 Swimming Beginner's Essentials for Women

Waterproof pool pouch 7l

Make carrying wet items around a thing of the past! 

This waterproof pouch is large enough to store your swimsuit, swimming cap, goggles and more after a swim sesh.

4 Swimming Beginner's Essentials for Women

Women’s one-piece swimsuit

This comfy swimsuit comes with cross straps at the back that allow ample freedom of movement. 

This feature also allows it to cater to a wide range of body types, which is great if you're just starting out and unsure of which swimsuit cut fits you best yet. 

Comes with removable bra pads as well.

4 Swimming Beginner's Essentials for Women

Swimming goggles spirit smoked lenses

Sick of water or fog messing with your vision underwater, or having ring marks around your eyes? 

This ultra-soft goggles comes with anti-fog treatment and and a soft yet watertight seal to ensure a smooth and comfortable swim.

We leave you with a quote by the great Russian sprint swimmer Alexander Popov, who said,  “The water is your friend…..you don’t have to fight with water, just share the same spirit as the water, and it will help you move.” 

Go forth and soak up those laps!

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