7 Matchy Couple Gift Ideas You Have to Gift Your Partner for Endless Fun

7 Matchy couple sport products to slay a special day

Ah, love is in the air again.

If you're fussing over the perfect gift for that special someone in your life, get cracking with these 7 matchy his/hers gift guide – it's gonna guarantee lots of sporting fun for both you and your partner!

Did we mention that you get to gift yourself as well, or your partner could simply gift the matching item back to you too? 

It's a win-win situation here, so let's get started!

1. Oxelo town 7xl adult scooter

Be the envy of everyone on the road with this cute black and pastel green scooter set.

P.S. Swipe left to discover the matching set!

2. Btwin tilt 120 folding bike

Double the fun with this 6-speed foldie. Great for daily transport, casual grocery/shopping mall runs or leisurely rides along your neighbourhood PCN.

These are bestsellers though, so get 'em fast!

3. Forclaz travel backpack 40l

Got an upcoming overseas trip planned with your partner, or an exciting hike ahead? This one's for you.

Featurees a suitcase-type opening and padlockable zip.

4. Oxelo team 500 8-inch

Check out these skateboards featuring cute prints that are to die for! Made even better when you're cruising right next to your favourite person.

They also feature a wide, slightly raised nose and tail paired with medium concave. Ideal for street and carving.

5. Newfeel pw 540 flex-h+ walking shoes

What's a surefire way to ensure you clock in your 10,000 daily steps? Doing it together, of course.

Designed for comfort, flexibility and style, what's not to love about these two pairs?

6. Quechua low folding camping chair mh100

Sunrises and sunsets will never be the same with these matchy camping chairs! 

Not only are they lightweight, they're also easy to set up and come with a side pocket to host your devices or books.

7. Kimjaly light yoga mat 5mm

Practicing or aspiring yogis, this pair of yoga mats will be right up your alley. This Light Yoga Mat 5mm range is one of our most popular yoga products.

Make this year one with more yoga classes together. After all, couples who practice together, stay together!

In the words of oprah winfrey, "lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down."

Take your pick at one of these 7 products (or two!) and make great memories with that special someone who will take a limo, scoot, cycle and more with you this Valentine's Day.

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