8 Road Bike Essentials for an Enjoyable Ride

8 Road bike essentials for an enjoyable ride

Road biking is only more fun when there are certain accessories to go with it – trust us! With these 8 accessories, your bike ride will be a pleasure.

When you have a road bike in Singapore, there are certain essentials that you need with it. These essentials are accessories that you need when you go biking.

With them, your bike ride will be a pleasure.

This guide will share with you about the best road bike accessories that you can consider buying.

Add these 8 accessories to your road bike and make it complete so you can enjoy your biking experience!

8 Road Bike Essentials for an Enjoyable Ride

1. Bottle cage

You will probably be taking your water bottle with you when you go cycling. However, carrying it can be a bit inconvenient.

So, how about adding a bottle cage to the bike? The Triban Composite 500 Bottle Cage is a very handy accessory to add to your bike.

Once you screw it on, you can place your water bottle in the cage. It makes it convenient to take water with you when you go cycling.

Available in 8 colors and weighing just 28g, the bottle cage has a trendy design that makes it perfectly suited for your bike.

It is compatible with all bikes that have a bottle cage screw, and made from plastic reinforced with fiberglass for strength.

8 Road Bike Essentials for an Enjoyable Ride

2. Bike light

A bike light is a very useful accessory. When you go for an early morning or night ride, you want to stay visible and have visibility. 

With the Bike Light Elops ST 920, you are assured that your bike will be visible, ensuring your safety. You can be seen from all around 360 degrees.

The bike lights on the Elops ST 920 are strong, with 280 lumens at the front and 25 lumens at the back. 

The light works on battery and has a life of between 2 - 11 hours, depending on the use. 

You can use it in power, flash, or eco mode as per your needs. It is also IPX4 compliant, making it water-proof. 

It comes with rechargeable batteries that you can recharge at your convenience.

8 Road Bike Essentials for an Enjoyable Ride

3. Helmet

A helmet is an essential safety item while riding a bike. 

The Van Rysel RCR 900 helmet, with its aerodynamic design, is trendy and well ventilated.

The lightweight helmet can be easily adjusted, so it sits comfortably on your head.

This helmet was also designed to absorb any shock, preventing the skull from being impacted. The materials used in the product ensure its durability.

8 Road Bike Essentials for an Enjoyable Ride

4. Saddle bag + toolkit

The Btwin RC 100 0.5L Saddle Bag with Repair Kit is a unique and useful accessory to have. 

When you are riding your bike, you need to be ready for all eventualities like a puncture or a breakdown due to any reason. 

This accessory set gives you a saddle bag with toolkits that you can easily store on the bike.

8 Road Bike Essentials for an Enjoyable Ride

5. Water bottle

A water bottle is essential when you ride, especially when you are cycling to get a good workout. 

The Triban Essential 550ml Water Bottle is just what you need to keep hydrated when you go cycling. 

The screw-top ensures the bottle is tightly closed, preventing leakage. You can use this bottle with any bottle cage.

The bottle design is ergonomic, so it is convenient to drink even as you ride.

6. Cycling glasses

An accessory that is a must while cycling is a pair of cycling glasses.

If you are looking for glasses that look stylish and protect your eyes, go for the Van Rysel RCR 500 Sunglasses.

They have 100% anti-UV lenses that protect your eyes on a sunny day.

The glasses have lens vents, ensuring fogging is reduced.

More importantly, it also protects your eyes thoroughly from dust and the wind especially on roads near industrial areas.

The ergonomic wrap-around design is not only convenient but offers total protection. It is also lightweight and fits perfectly without slipping from your nose.

8 Road Bike Essentials for an Enjoyable Ride

7. Uv arm sleeves

On sunny days, your arms are exposed to the harmful UV rays of the sun. 

Thus, you'll need protection for your arms, and the Anti-UV Van Rysel 500 Arm Sleeves will do just that.
Not only is it easy to uncover, you can also fold it onto your wrist when you feel like you don’t need it. 

It is available in 3 colors and in different sizes as per your arm size.

8 Road Bike Essentials for an Enjoyable Ride

8. High socks

The socks you wear while cycling must be a perfect fit and not make you uncomfortable while riding. 

Good quality socks are breathable, allowing smooth airflow. They also need to be ultra-thin and lightweight. 

The Van Rysel RCR 900 Socks meet all these requirements.

They are left and right cut specifically, and have an elastic band at the shin, arch of the foot and ankle for extra comfort.

It is available in 2 colors and in 3 different sizes, so you can buy the perfect pair of socks.

And there you have it – these are the best road bike Singapore accessories that you can buy. 

Order them today, so your bike is complete in all aspects. 

Enjoy the road with all these road bike essentials!

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