5 Best Netball Courts in Singapore

Best netball courts in singapore

Looking to play a game of netball? We list five of the best places you can get access to a netball court in Singapore!

Netball is a team sport that is played usually by two teams comprising around seven players each. 

In fact, it's a very popular game regardless of gender, and this adrenaline-thumping game definitely keeps one fighting fit!

As you might know, you may not be even to play netball everywhere because you need a well-defined space with a proper net. 

Thankfully, there are many spaces in Singapore that have facilities to play netball.

We have a list of the five of the best places in Singapore where you can get access to a netball court to play the game!

4 Places to play netball

Jot this list down for your next game!

5 Best Netball Courts in Singapore

1. Kallang netball centre

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Kallang Netball Centre is managed by Sports Singapore and is one of the various facilities available for playing various sports.

Spacious netball courts are available at the centre and can be used by anyone to play the game. You can book slots to play the game online.

There are plenty of showers and changing rooms here too if you're looking to head off somewhere else after a game!

Address: 6 Stadium Boulevard
Contact: 63481291
Booking fee: $5/h (non-peak), $12.60 (peak)

5 Best Netball Courts in Singapore
5 Best Netball Courts in Singapore

3. Sengkang cc netball courts

Sengkang Community Centre offers various facilities to community members. One of the facilities available is the netball court.

The centre has spacious and equipped netball courts for use by the public. If you are looking forward to playing a game of netball, then you book this facility and use it for your game.

The facility can be used even at night time, and floodlights are available. Advanced booking can be made two weeks in advance.

Address: 2 Sengkang Square
Contact: 63125400
Price: $7/h

5 Best Netball Courts in Singapore

4. Ocbc arena

OCBC Arena has several indoor courts available at Singapore Sports Hub.

Located in Hall 3, the netball courts here are a popular destination for people looking to play netball away from the hot sun.

Online booking is available, and you can visit the website for booking.

Address: 5 Stadium Drive
Opening hours: Mon-Sun, 7am - 10pm
Price: From $15/h

Playing netball

Most of the spaces where you can play netball will give access to the netball court with a net. However, you'lll still have to take the ball with you. 

If you are looking to buy good quality netballs, then here are a few selections.

Best Netball Courts in Singapore

1. Netball ball tarmak nb500 white

If you are a beginner and have just started playing the game, then this ball is best suited for your needs. 

It is a size 5 ball meant for beginners. 

The PVC exterior gives a good feel, and the outer material allows you to grip the ball easily. 

Best Netball Courts in Singapore

2. Netball ball tarmak nb900 white

This is a good quality ball meant for training and for use in matches.

It is a size 5 ball that is easy to hold and grip. It also has a rubber cover of width 2mm that ensures the ball is durable.

It can be used in any weather conditions. Available in blue colour as well.

We hope you found this guide useful! 

Now that you know where the best netball courts in Singapore are, grab the gang and plan for a game this week!

Best Netball Courts in Singapore

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Smashing a great game with a team – that's the best feeling ever!

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