comment choisir ma table de ping pong et tennis de table

Which table tennis table should you choose?

Do you need a table tennis table for spending time with family, friends or colleagues in Singapore? Then you've come to the right place.

Table tennis is a sport for all - no matter your fitness or age. It can also be played anywhere - all you need is a table, bats and a ball.

We know it can be daunting to buy a table tennis table when there are too many options, coupled with the fact that it is a commitment to get one since it does take up a bit of space and money.

However, don't worry! We are here to make your life easy when it comes to choosing the right table tennis table. Here are some basic and simple considerations that you need to keep in mind while checking them out. Let's get started!

Things to consider before purchase:

1. Type of practice

For each practice, there will be a suitable type of table.

Comment choisir une table de tennis de table ?

1A. leisure

Most of us play leisurely for fun at home, in the park, at the office, or even in the living room.

The available space you have to accommodate the table will guide the choice of the size of the table you can pick.

Table tennis tables are available in small (or mini), medium and standard size.

On top of size, you will also have to pay particular attention to the following characteristics:

1. Ease of opening
2. Ease of movement
3. Stability

Comment choisir une table de tennis de table ?

1B. competitive

Competitive table tennis is played in a club or at school and in accordance to official rules.

Competition tables respect the standards of table tennis federations, whether they are in terms of dimensions, stability or quality of rebound. 

You may want to look out for tables that are approved by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF).

To choose the right competition table tennis table, you will pay particular attention to the following characteristics:

1. Bounce quality
2. Stability
3. Ease of movement

2. Playing area

You'll need to keep in mind the dimensions of the table + added clearance so that you can play freely and safely.

Comment choisir une table de tennis de table ?

What if space is a constraint?

We've got a solution for you!

Check out our Rollnet - it can be used on any surface to set up a table tennis net in under 20 seconds!

Factors to consider when choosing a table:

Comment choisir une table de tennis de table ?

1. Bounce quality

Good bounce quality is all about an even bounce, trajectories that aren't random (meaning they depend purely on how you hit the ball), and a bounce that's high enough for you to enjoy a good rally.

There are two things that dictate this: the thickness of the tabletops, and the stiffness of the metal frame that supports them.

You can measure the bounce quality by dropping a ball onto the tabletop from a height of 30 cm. Use its bounce height to assess the bounce quality. 

Perform this test on 12 different points around the table to test the evenness of the bounce.

Comment choisir une table de tennis de table ?

2. Ease of assembly

If you want to be able to quickly start a match, another factor that comes into play is how easily the tabletops open. This depends on the type of system used to lock and unlock the two halves.

Fixed tables have no opening system and need both halves of the tabletop to be manually assembled and dismantled.

On non-fixed tables, the opening/closing system can be either be centralised or not.

- In the case of a centralised system, there will be one handle to operate under each tabletop

- If the system isn't centralised, there will be two locking handles on the sides of each tabletop

You can measure how easy a table is to open by timing how long it takes to move the table from a closed to open position for play.

Check out the types of opening systems as mentioned below.

Types of opening systems:

Comment choisir une table de tennis de table ?

3. Portability

If you're not going to store your table anywhere near where you intend to play, think about the route you'll be transporting it along. 

Choose a table with large wheels if the ground is uneven (gravel, grass, etc.).

If the ground is smooth (asphalt, paving stones, tiles), small wheels will do. 

If you are planning to leave your table in exactly the same place, go for a fixed table, but consider buying a cover that will fit an open table if you're planning to put it outdoors.

You can test how easy a table is able to move by measuring the force needed to move it in different directions on a smooth surface.

Comment choisir une table de tennis de table ?

4. Stability

Once you've installed your table, it's time to think about other factors that will improve your playing experience. 

Stability is important as it allows the table to stay put no matter what type of surface it's set up on and no matter what strains players put it under.

Stability is dependent on: the table having adjustable feet, having brakes on the wheels, overall weight, and the thickness of the metal tubes that form the frame.

Comment choisir une table de tennis de table ?

5. Weather resistance

If your table is going to be outdoors, it needs to be able to withstand rain, UV rays and humidity, especially in Singapore's unpredictable weather!

The metal parts of Decathlon's table tennis tables are treated to prevent rust, while the melamine tabletops can cope with harsh weather for a long time without warping or losing their playing quality.

All PONGORI outdoor standard table tennis tables come with a 10-year warranty, but if you want to make your table last even longer, consider protecting it with a cover.

Comment choisir une table de tennis de table ?

6. Playback ability

Playback mode allows for solo practices so that you don't have to depend on a partner to play with. You will still be able to do your training drills on your own.

This feature is usually sought after by beginners who are working on their footwork and paddle stroke.

This feature is available with tables that can be folded in half or often found on two-piece tables.

Now that we've shared all that you need, get shopping!

How to Choose a Table Tennis Table?

Written by: ellysa jamaludin

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"Getting the right equipment is half the game won!"

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