How to Choose an Adult Kick Scooter

How to choose an adult kick scooter

Curious about kick scooters? Wondering if you can commute daily with a scooter, or perform tricks on them? We answer your burning questions in this article.

At Decathlon, we're scooter enthusiasts!

Let us take you on a journey of discovery through our range of adult kick scooters - from compact foldable scooters to stunt scooters you could ride at the local skate park.

Read on!

How to Choose the Best Adult Kick Scooter

Transportation, leisure or sport?

Before we begin, it could be good to ask yourself:

What do you intend to do once you have decided to purchase a scooter?

Are you getting one mostly for transportation - perhaps mixing an MRT ride with your scooter as a last-mile option on your daily commute?

Perhaps you just want to take a leisurely ride around your block or nearest park during the evenings, or make a quick run to the grocery store nearby.

Or maybe you're just waiting to unleash your inner park rat and session the local skate park's quarter pipe or grind some rails.

If you're unsure, we hope the following bits of information help you to make up your mind!

And even if not, there are still options that don't require you to choose just one type of usage - so read on!

Decathlon commute 900 scooter

For transportation: commute 900 series

Did you know that you are allowed to bring your kick scooter with you on buses and trains in Singapore?

This makes for a very handy option if you live close enough to the MRT or bus stop such that you could easily make the trip home on a scooter in less than 5 minutes.

It makes even more sense if the terrain is relatively flat, as gliding on a scooter is almost effortless then and you definitely won't break a sweat!

Do note that the size of the scooter should be no more than 120cm x 70cm x 40cm, so you'll be glad to know that our Commue 900 series of scooters fold into a size much smaller than that!

As a bonus, the Commute 900's patented design allows you to fold the scooter in a few seconds just by pressing a button with your foot and pushing it down on the deck.

Do note that only one kick scooter is allowed on board at any one time on buses.

Decathlon town 5xl scooter

For leisure: town 5 xl series

If you enjoy effortlessly gliding around during your free time, yet find a bicycle too cumbersome, a kick scooter may be just the answer!

Our scooter wheels have been designed to minimise rolling resistance and maximise the distance you can travel with every kick!

This makes our 5.1kg Town 5 XL scooter series your perfect leisure companion.

They can still be folded in a compact shape for easy storage at home, under your desk or in the trunk of your car!

Decathlon town 7xl scooter

For sport (fitness): town 7 xl series

We've been talking about how efficient a kick scooter is as a form of transportation and how effortless it is to ride, but did you know that kick scooting can also provide a pretty decent cardio workout?

As long as you're doing some work - in this case kicking - you are burning calories.

The other great thing about kick scooting for exercise is that it is very low-impact compared to say, running or tennis.

Once you master your kicking form, minimal impact gets transferred to your joints, making kick scooting an ideal workout for those with joint problems.

Another great benefit to riding a scooter is the fact that you are constantly engaging your core to keep your balance.

For scooting as a form of exercise, we recommend a larger scooter like the Town 7 XL as you are likely to be riding at higher speeds and on long, straight paths like East Coast Park for instance.

The long deck provides more stability, and the handbrake gives you peace of mind even when traveling at high speeds.

Decathlon mf freestyle

For sport (fitness): mf freestyle series

Perhaps the whole fitness thing isn't your jam, and you want to get some airtime or do a bar spin at the skate park.

Our MF series of freestyle trick or stunt scooters would certainly do the trick!

Made of heat-treated aluminum decks, welded steel handlebars and full alloy rimmed wheels, these heavy-duty bad boys are designed to take a beating.

They also feature wide, 560-590mm handlebars, 100-120mm wheels that are lightweight for maximum maneuverability and doing tricks in general - both on the ground and in the air!

When choosing the right scooter size or adjusting it to fit your height, keep your arms stretched out and back straight, and ensure that the handlebar comes up to hip level.

The various wheel sizes (100, 110 & 120mm) let you decide if you prefer a freestyle scooter that offers more stability and speed (larger wheels) or agility and maneuverability (smaller wheels).

Do note that it is not recommended to swap wheel sizes as the scooter deck is usually designed with a specific wheel size in mind.

Kick scooter

...Or a little bit of everything - almost!

If you can't decide, or maybe you just want to experience a little of everything, we usually recommend the Town EF 9 series simply because it has the most features built-in.

Thanks to its easy-fold feature, stowing it away in a hurry is a breeze, yet it lacks nothing when compared to its smaller brother, the Town 7 XL.

However, it is important to note that the Town EF 9 is not suitable for performing stunts.

So if you do plan to venture to the skate park or hop off curbs for fun, we strongly recommend that you consider the MF series freestyle scooters (as mentioned above) instead.

Oxelo helmet

Safety first!

While there are no laws in Singapore dictating that you must wear a helmet when using kick scooters on pavement or at parks, we strongly recommend that everyone should protect themselves adequately when riding a scooter.

At the minimum, this means at least a BMX-style or roller sport-specific helmet that covers the back of your head, as scooter riders are more prone to fall on the back of their head compared to bicycle riders.

You may also consider knee or elbow pads, especially if you plan on wearing long sleeves or pants the next day!

Not getting bruises or scrapes may be considered a bonus :)

How to Choose the Best Adult Kick Scooter

Written by: jason tan

Digital sports leader, cycling and wheels

Life is short, so go ahead and enjoy the ride!

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