Whether you need to get rid of sweat or create a good hold, each grip has its own properties which will help you to enjoy your game more. Follow our guide to help you find the right one!

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When it comes to choosing grips, there is no “best” grip. 

You should always use a grip that suits your style of play.

If you’re just starting out your journey as a badminton player, here are some tips to help you determine your play style and the type of grip you should be using.

1. What Is Your Style Of Play?


Are you an aggressive player that prefers to win your point through a series of powerful smashes?

If so, then you're definitely a power player.

Players who prefer power over control tend to prefer pressuring or forcing their way through the opponent's defense to win the point.

Such players should consider going for a thicker badminton grip as consistent smashing and playing shots with power will usually result in them holding the racket handles tighter.

We also recommend players with larger hands and players that prefer comfort to consider going with a thicker grip due to the additional cushioning those types of grips can provide.


Are you a technical player that prefers to control the flow of a game, and make your opponent work hard to win their points?

If so, you fall into this category of control players.

Players in this category aim to make their opponents as uncomfortable as possible, by placing controlled shots in hard to reach corners. Their focus is on technique, and accuracy.

Control players hold their rackets loosely to allow them to turn the racket quickly and easily in order to make accurate shots.

Therefore, such players should opt for a thinner badminton grip.

Players with smaller hands, and those that prefer more control and sensitivity when rotating the racket should go for thinner grips as well.


Doubles players, this one's for you!

How To Choose Your Badminton Grip Or Overgrip?


Are you a player that prefers to rush towards the net and play that kill shot? Or perhaps, use your quick reflexes to your advantage with sudden bursts of speed and quick flat drives?

If that’s the case, you’re definitely a front court player.

Front court players benefit from lighter rackets and slimmer badminton grip sizes.

Lighter or head-light balanced rackets allow front court players to react faster, and respond quickly at the net.

A thinner grip will also enable players to rotate the racket quicker and easier, allowing them to play controlled shots, and at the same time explode with speed when the situation arises.

Players with this preference can consider our range of Control (C), and Speed (S) rackets, which capitalize on lightweight or head-light balance to give them the speedy responses that they thrive on.

How To Choose Your Badminton Grip Or Overgrip?


Do you prefer to hang at the back of the court and set your partner or yourself up for that winning smash, or deceptive net shot that kills the pace of the game?

Do you prefer to use your power to your advantage and pressure your opponent with powerful punch clears and defense-splitting jump smashes?

Back court players benefit from heavier rackets and thicker badminton grip sizes.

Heavier or head-heavy balanced rackets allow back court players to increase the power behind each shot.

A thicker grip also enables players to keep hitting powerful shots without getting any discomfort from the sharp bevels of the racket handle.

Players with this preference can consider our range of Power (P) rackets, which capitalise on this head-heavy frame technology to generate power to kill the shot and win points impressively.


There are three different types of badminton grips and/or overgrips. Each one has different properties that will answer to your expectations and needs.

Find more details below!

So there you have it, the different badminton grips you can opt for your badminton racket. 

Give it all a try until you find one that matches your playing style and level up your game!