How To Maintain Your Treadmill

How to maintain your treadmill

Want to prolong the lifespan of your treadmill? Read this guide to do so!

Whether you are a casual or professional runner, your Domyos treadmill from Decathlon Singapore is your best bud. 

If you run often on your treadmill for your daily routine, it is important to keep it in the best shape. 

Here are some maintenance tips to ensure its longevity!

Clean your treadmill in 2 minutes! 

Cleaning your treadmill is a step that should not be neglected. 

Ensure to clean your treadmill after each session, as perspiration is corrosive and can cause permanent damage to your treadmill. Doesn't. hurt that you might be more motivated to hop on a clean and "fresh" treadmill as well!

How to clean your treadmill?

- Switch off and unplug your treadmill

- Apply a small amount of universal mild cleaning soap to a 100% cotton cloth (do not spray the cleaner directly on the treadmill and do not use ammonia or acid cleaners)

- Wipe down the console and screen

- Remove dust and stains on the ramps, footrests, frame, engine cover and along the running strip (do not clean under the running belt!)

*If your model has a heart rate belt, remember to clean it with water after each session.

Check your treadmill belt regularly

Does your treadmill squeak or make noises? Here's how to check your treadmill belt:

1. Check if your treadmill belt is in the centre

Belt slanting is very common. This is caused by the way we run. 

Our dominant leg tends to apply more pressure while we run, as compared to our non-dominant leg. 

As a result, the belt will naturally be pulled to one side after some time.

How do you centre your treadmill belt?

1. Start your treadmill at a low speed (~4km/h)

2. Insert the Allen key (supplied with your treadmill order) into the screw on the side where the running belt deflects

3. Turn clockwise by a quarter-turn (wait 30 seconds between each given quarter-turn) until the belt returns to the correct position

How To Centre Your Treadmill Belt

Unable to centre your treadmill belt? refer to the video below: 

How To Centre Your Treadmill Belt

2.  Check the tension of your treadmill belt

The tension of the running belt should be checked regularly, as it is prone to slacking over time. 

Certain phenomena such as slippage, jerks or even engine overheating would be your first indicators of a relaxed treadmill belt. 

A relaxed treadmill belt will not allow you to practice safely. 

Conversely, having it too tight will damage the engine and the electronics of the device.

How to adjust the tension of your treadmill belt?

Step 1 & 2: Turn the 2 adjustment screws half a turn clockwise (repeat the action if necessary, but be careful not to increase the tension the belt too much)

Step 3: The treadmill belt is properly stretched if you can lift the edges 2-3 cm on each side

Check Your Treadmill Belt Tension

Still having problem adjusting the tension of your treadmill belt? watch this video below:

Adjust The Tension Of Your Treadmill Belt

3. Lubricate your treadmill belt

Using a lubricant will preserve your engine and improve its longevity. This simple operation will prevent friction between the race board and belt. 

In the event that it is not lubricated enough, the motor will overheat, which could cause the belt to trip.

It is important to lubricate the belt regularly (every 200 hours of use) to ensure longevity. To carry out this check, run your hand under the running strip – it should not be dry in the centre.

How to lubricate the running belt?

Step 1 & 2: Apply a little bit of lubricant on the right and left of the running strip

Step 3: After application, let your treadmill run by itself for 5 minutes at 5 km/h

How To Lubricate Your Treadmill Belt

Still having trouble? watch the video below:

How To Lubricate Your Treadmill Belt

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