Tennis skills: how to make the perfect lob

The lob is a very precise defensive play. So how do you make the perfect lob? We share our expert advice with you in this article.

Tennis skills: how-to-do-the-perfect-lob

Ah, the tennis lob.

If it's too short, it'll make your opponent look good and give them a confidence boost. If it's too long, it's really annoying as "there was enough space".

So how do you do the perfect lob, whether backhand or forehand?

That's the question our tennis experts Nicolas Escudé and Damien Caby will answer here.

After watching this video below, your lobs will always hit home!

TENNIS // Discover how to improve your lob !

We hope you learnt a thing or two about how to improve your tennis lobs!

In the meantime, keep practicing – you will only get better from here.

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