Pilates accessories

Pilates Accessories

What pilates accessories are there, and what are they for? We'll explain it all!

You can improve your inner strength, flexibility, balance and posture, all benefits that you can enjoy throughout your daily life! Accessories make your movements more effective and put a fun spin on this sport.

Pilates accessories

Mats - a pilates essential!

A Pilates mat is the basic item you need for this sport! You can do a range of exercises as well as seated and reclined poses safely and comfortably with a mat!

Tips from the Pilates team: The soft mat forces you to work on your balance and strengthens deep muscles with core work! Use it as a first level of instability by raising one leg and closing your eyes ;)

Pilates accessories

Swiss balls - the ultimate versatile accessory

The concept of the Swiss ball is to make your exercises even more effective by creating instability. To keep your balance, you have to work twice as hard by contracting your muscles more. Impressively effective!

Available in different diameters (pick the best one for you) and designed for everything from stretching and strengthening to relaxation, the Swiss Ball is very effective and much more useful than you may think! 

To try it out, start by sitting on it, you'll soon understand why…

Tips from the our experts: While sitting on a Swiss Ball, you'll naturally adopt good posture, safeguarding your back. Bring it to your office and make it your office chair!

Pilates accessories

Soft ball - a small accessory with big benefits

This ball is ideal for practising Pilates. It helps beginners learn and execute exercises and advanced athletes amp up their training.

With this accessory, you activate deep stabilizing muscles with seated, standing and reclined exercises while also improving your positioning.

Its soft, elastic material makes it manageable and easy to use.

Pilates accessories

Foam rollers - go the distance

The foam roller is a multi-faceted accessory.

This foam cylinder is available in different sizes and can be more or less hard. It is a real asset for Pilates classes. It provides instability to increase the difficulty of poses and basic movements. 

By using the foam roller, you quickly develop and improve deep postural muscles: the back and abdominals. It also helps you focus on and maintain your posture since it requires better control and body awareness.

One more benefit: you can also use it to massage your muscles! Simply leaning on the foam roller and rolling on it relieves knots and relaxes your muscles. (But it won't feel very comfortable in the moment!)

Pilates accessories

The pilates ring - for full-body strengthening

The Pilates ring is a resistance circle.

It intensifies basic Pilates movements and can also act as a tool for keeping your arms shoulder length apart during exercises like spine twists. 

The Pilates ring adds resistance and provides a bit more isolation, depending on the exercise, to strengthen your muscles. This accessory gently tones and shapes your muscles without damaging your joints. 

You can use it dynamically by pressing it or isometrically by applying constant resistance for several seconds. 

Put it between your hands, knees or feet and give it a try!

Pilates accessories

Written by: Ellysa Jamaludin

Fitness Digital Sport Leader, Decathlon Singapore

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