Sporty year end Gift Ideas: Under $10, $30 & $50

Got a sporty friend, loved one or secret santee in Singapore to shop for this year-end holiday? It's never too early to start with this ultimate sporty holiday gift guide!

Sporty Christmas Gift Ideas in Singapore 2021 | Under $10, $30 & $50

The year-end festive holiday season is fast approaching. You know what that means - it's time to bust out your wall for the season of gifting!

Here's a list of sporty gifts for the sport or fitness fanatics in your life according to budget.

From gifts under $10, to gifts under $30 and gifts under $50 for men, women and kids - we've got you covered.

Gifts under $10

Get these sporting gifts under $10 for your loved ones, from cycling to fitness and more.

Sporty Christmas Gift Ideas in Singapore | Under $10, $30 & $50

0.6L Saddle Bag

Price: $8

Know of a cycling enthusiast or loved one who just picked up cycling? This saddle bag will definitely put a smile on their face.

Store miscellaneous items easily like your wallet, keys and spare Allen key on rides. On top of that, it is lightweight and easy to install on your saddle as well - what's not to love?

Sporty Christmas Gift Ideas in Singapore | Under $10, $30 & $50

5kg cross-training elastic band

Price: $7

We all know that one fitspo friend or gym rat in our lives, and they will thank you after you gift them with this resistance band.

Thanks to its versatility, you can use it for warmups, stretches, training for pull-ups, mobility exercises and even strength training.

Sporty Christmas Gift Ideas in Singapore | Under $10, $30 & $50

surf soft frisbee

Price: $5

Got a beach-loving kid, niece or nephew?

Fun times await with this soft frisbee - safe for kids 3 and above due to its cushiony foam material.

Sporty Christmas Gift Ideas in Singapore | Under $10, $30 & $50

Beach tennis bat set

Price: $9.50

Get this beach tennis bat set for that special someone who loves spending time at the beach with the whole family.

Beach tennis not only burns tons of calories, it's also suitable for play for kids and adults alike.

Comes with a pair of rackets and a ball.

Gifts under $30

If $30 hits the sweet spot for your budget, check out this list of items!

Sporty Christmas Gift Ideas in Singapore | Under $10, $30 & $50

corength Suspension trainer

Price: $20

Know a friend who wants to get fit but doesn't have a gym membership?

Gift them this suspension trainer so that they'll be able to train anywhere! Simply loop and tie it around any surface and you'll be good to go.

Use them to achieve a myriad of exercises - from suspended pushups to jump squats and inclined pull-ups.

Sporty Christmas Gift Ideas in Singapore | Under $10, $30 & $50

Medium resistance band 5kg

Price: $14

Think a resistance band, but with foam handles for a more comfortable grip.

Get it for your strength training or HIIT-loving friend, it's bound to be a hit!

Sporty Christmas Gift Ideas in Singapore | Under $10, $30 & $50

Light yoga mat - Coral

Price: $25

We all know of that one friend who's a pink fanatic. And they're bound to adore this pretty in pink yoga mat!

Looks aside, it's also lightweight and grippy - perfect for bringing to yoga classes.

Sporty Christmas Gift Ideas in Singapore | Under $10, $30 & $50

Waterproof bike smartphone holder

Price: $25

What's better than a bike smartphone holder? A TOTALLY WATERPROOF one, of course!

Get your favourite cycling buddies this thoughtful gift to show them that you care (for them, and their phones, that is!).

Sporty Christmas Gift Ideas in Singapore | Under $10, $30 & $50

B1 Kids' Scooter

Price: $30

Gift junior his or her very first scooter!

Scooting is actually paramount in developing a child's psychomotor skills, where a child learns to master their balance, body orientation and hand, foot and eye coordination.

The B1 Scooter is safe for kids 2 years and above due to its precise deck tilt! This means that they won't lose their balance when pushing forward or turning.

Gifts under $50

Ka-ching, ka-ching! Feeling generous? You're bound to make that special someone over the moon with these gifts under $50.

Sporty Christmas Gift Ideas in Singapore | Under $10, $30 & $50

Cardio fitness trampoline

Price: $50

Think of that certain someone who always complains about losing weight, but not wanting to exercise because it's boring or painful.

Now do them a favour by gifting them this cardio fitness trampoline so that they can watch Netflix while exercising at the same time.

Did you know that a 10-minute session on a trampoline actually burns as many calories as a 30-minute run? Or that a one-hour trampoline session can actually burn up to 1,000 calories?!

Let them thank you later!

Sporty Christmas Gift Ideas in Singapore | Under $10, $30 & $50

Electronic dartboard

Price: $35

If you've got a friend who loves hitting the pub to play darts, then this electronic dartboard's for them.

This dartboard Gift one to their home and have a merry time with the whole gang!

Sporty Christmas Gift Ideas in Singapore | Under $10, $30 & $50

MH500 Folding Camping Chair

Price: $45

We all know a friend or loved one who simply loves all things nature – from hiking to camping and picnics in the great outdoors.

And it's only right to get them this portable folding camping chair!

This folding camping chair comes with backing as well, so there'll be no bad backs with this one!

Sporty Christmas Gift Ideas in Singapore | Under $10, $30 & $50

Skateboard Play 120

Price: $35

Is your child, niece or nephew between 3 - 7 years old and raring to learn something new? Get them their very first and own skateboard!

To make learning easier, safer and more fun, this symmetrical skateboard also comes with trucks that are better suited to younger riders.

And there you have it – your ultimate sporting gift guide for this year-end gifting season.

Let the gifting season commence! Here's wishing you a Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

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