How to Spend Christmas in Singapore: 5 Fun Ideas for the Whole Family

3 Fun ideas to spend christmas in singapore with the whole family

Unable to travel this year end holiday? We hear ya.

Staying in Singapore can be just as enjoyable, because you know what they say - it doesn't matter where you are, so long as you are having fun with the right company.

Round up the whole family for this list of sporty ideas you could do this festive season!

Idea #1: plan a weekly series of sports for the entire month

Who said advent calendars should only be for presents and sweet treats?

Create your very own sporting advent calendar this year by planning to practice a sport for every week of the month!

For example, week 1 could be dedicated to cycling, while week 2 could be dedicated to scooting, week 3 for running... you get the idea.

One way to start is to come up with a list of goals to accomplish together.

Here are some ideas to get the ball rolling!

If your collective goal is to:

How to Spend Christmas in Singapore? 3 Fun Ideas for the Whole Family

Improve stamina

Sports you could try out: Running, walking, swimming, cycling

Goals you could set:

Aim for distance or session-based goals for this series.

For example, clocking in 21km on the bike for the entire week, or doing a run at least 3 times for the week.

How to Spend Christmas in Singapore? 3 Fun Ideas for the Whole Family

Get good on wheels

Sports you could try out: Skateboarding, longboarding, waveboarding, scooting, rollerblading

Goals you could set:

If you or your kid are just starting out, aim for accomplishing a distance confidently.

For example, you could aim for you or junior to skate 200m on rollerblades or on a skateboard without stopping.

If you are already seasoned in the sport, aim for clocking in distance or session-based goals like 10km for the entire week, or clocking in at least 3 sessions for the week.

How to Spend Christmas in Singapore? 3 Fun Ideas for the Whole Family

Relax & reset

Sports you could try out: Yoga, pilates, hiking/trekking, camping

Goals you could set:

Take this downtime to reset your mind and refresh yourself for the upcoming year.

Reconnect with your mind/body/soul or take a dip in the great outdoors to connect with nature again. We guarantee you'll be left feeling rejuvenated after the week!

For indoor sports like yoga and pilates, try aiming for poses to achieve like getting your child to hold their first warrior 2, or a flying crow for yourself.

For outdoor sports like hiking, trekking and camping, aim for sessions like clocking in at least 2 - 3 hikes or camps for the week.

Idea #2: spend christmas day outdoors

We've all worked hard this year, so spend Christmas day by taking a breather - literally!

Round up the whole family for a fun-filled day with the whole family outdoors.

Here's one idea: You could start by planning an entire day's route of cycling, walking or hiking with the whole family.

To make it even more fun (or motivating), try incorporating your kids' or the whole family's favourite eateries as checkpoints so that you can use them as rest stopovers.

Do remember to use the updated Google Maps feature which now includes PCN cycling routes as well!

If you're planning on cycling, here's a list of scenic cycling spots that you could weave into your route:

- Punggol Waterway Park

- East Coast Park

- Mandai Loop

- Coney Island

Before you head out, ensure that you've made ample preparation - hydrate and dress in comfortable attire, as these are key to lasting the whole day.

Check out our cycling, walking and hiking products below!

Here's a  list of must-haves cycling products that will improve your whole family's experience on the day itself too.

How to Spend Christmas in Singapore? Fun Ideas for the Whole Family

Idea #3: arrange a sporty family christmas gathering at night

Make plain old family gatherings of present exchanges and eating Christmas ham a thing of the past.

Amp it up this year by incorporating some sporting fun!

For example, you could zhush up this year's secret santa present exchange gig by holding a table tennis, darts or pool competition to determine who gets to walk home with the best present.

Winner gets the most coveted prize, while second and third place will follow suit and so on.

The best part about all those sports? They can all be done indoors, so space should not be an issue!

We've got a table tennis net that sets up on any surface in under 20 seconds, and 

How to Spend Christmas in Singapore? Fun Ideas for the Whole Family

Alternatively, if getting sweaty and competitive isn't for you, or if you've got kids that are too young to play the sports mentioned above, glamping could be another fun activity (especially great if you have a big balcony!).

Bust out the fairy lights and complete the setup with tents, sleeping bags, camp chairs and a hot cup of cocoa while watching a Christmas movie together.

Sounds like a perfect night already, doesn't it?

How to Spend Christmas in Singapore? Fun Ideas for the Whole Family

In summary... have a merry christmas and happy new year!

We hope that these ideas were inspiring for you and the whole family.

From us to you, here's wishing a great end of year break and a blessed 2022!

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