4 Best folding bikes for ultimate convenience

Thinking of getting a foldie? Read this comprehensive guide to discover how to choose the right one,  and 4 value-for-money options!

5 Best Folding Bikes for Ultimate Convenience

Thinking of incorporating more exercise into your daily commute or routine? How would it be if you could take your bike with you on the train or bus?

A folding bike is a perfect choice, as you can unfold the bike when you reach your destination and keep on cycling.

The compact design of folding bikes makes them easy to store, whether in the backseat of a car or at home/work.

This buying guide will give you comprehensive information on folding bikes, like how to choose one, and some bikes we'd recommend!

5 Best Folding Bikes for Ultimate Convenience

Why buy a folding bike?

1. You can literally take the bike with you under your arm wherever you go. This makes it convenient to use.

2. They are secure. You can keep it at your workplace, even under your table. So, you don’t have to worry about it getting stolen from the parking lot.

3. Folding bikes are made from aluminium and other such durable materials. This makes it long-lasting and sturdy.

4. They are compact, making it convenient to fold, unfold, ride, carry, and store.

5 Best Folding Bikes for Ultimate Convenience

How to choose the best folding bike?

Now that you can know why you should get a folding bike, here is a guide to help you choose the best folding bike.

5 Best Folding Bikes for Ultimate Convenience

1. Decide on your wheel size

Wheel sizes for foldies in general can range from 14 inches to 26 inches.

You must note that a bike with the largest wheel size is comfortable to ride. But carrying it around is slightly difficult.

A smaller wheel size will make it more convenient to carry around.

5 Best Folding Bikes for Ultimate Convenience

2. Know local laws

Know the local laws for the use of the folding bike. This will help you decide what kind of bike to buy in terms of sizes permitted on public transport etc.

You will also need to know if the bike is allowed just on the road or even on footpaths. 

5 Best Folding Bikes for Ultimate Convenience

3. Talk to a qualified salesperson

Find out important information like parts under warranty and whether the bike supports your height and weight. 

This is crucial, especially if it's your first time riding a folding bike.

An experienced salesperson will advise you on all matters related to the bike and its use.

4. Try it out

Besides consulting an expert, another way to ensure you are getting the right bike for you is to test them out!

Try them out by folding and unfolding the foldies on display. This is important since you should be confident that you can do it yourself and carry it around easily.

Buying the best folding bike

If you are looking for the best foldable bike Singapore, then Decathlon is the best place to get them.

You will get a range of top-quality folding bikes that will meet all your requirements.

Here's a list of 4 best folding bikes to choose from:

5 Best Folding Bikes for Ultimate Convenience

1. Tilt 100 20-inch folding bike

This folding bike is convenient to use and meets the requirements for carrying it on trains and buses when folded.

The bike weighs 14.5 kg. When folded, its dimensions are 78 cm x 66 cm x 38cm.

The biggest benefit of this bike is that you can fold it within 30 seconds and unfold it just as fast.

With 20-inch wheels, it balances your requirements for an efficient cycle and one that is compact.

It has a lateral fold system making it easy to store anywhere at home or work.

5 Best Folding Bikes for Ultimate Convenience

2. Tilt 120 20-inch 6 speed folding bike

Weighing 14.5 kg, this foldie bike is suitable for riders 1.45- 1.85m, and offers up to 6 different speeds!

When folded, its dimensions are 78 cm x 66 cm x 38cm, which complies with LTA regulations for bringing on board buses and trains.

Take it with you on the bus or train and unfold it within 30 seconds and start using it.

Comes with lifetime warranty as well.

5 Best Folding Bikes for Ultimate Convenience

3. Tilt 500 20-inch 7 speed folding bike

This quirky yellow-green bike weighs just 13 kg, and takes just 15 seconds to unfold! It also offers up to 7 different speeds.

When folded, its dimensions are 78cm x 66 cm x 38cm, which is legal to bring onto public buses and trains in Singapore.

It is available in one size that fits most riders from 1.45m - 1.85m.

The aluminum used in the frame makes it lightweight and also sturdy.

The bike has a lifetime warranty of the frame, handlebar, rigid fork, and stem.

5 Best Folding Bikes for Ultimate Convenience

4. Tilt 500 xs 14-in folding bike

Among all the folding bikes listed, this one is the lightest and smallest.

If you are looking for a simple and easy-to-use folding bike, then choose this one. It weighs just 8.9kg, making it very easy to carry wherever you go and definitely LTA compliant for bringing onto public transport in Singapore.

It also comes with a theft-proof seat post and 14-inch aluminum rims that make it super lightweight.

Very convenient to store thanks to its compact build.

4 Best Folding Bikes for Ultimate Convenience

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