Our Top Hacks: How To Train For a 2.4km IPPT Run

Our top hacks: how to train for push ups and sit ups

Looking to grab that sweet IPPT Gold? Or simply want to ace your physique and build your muscles? These 2 static workouts are guaranteed to sharpen your constitution.


Push ups and sit ups are often the first form of body-building training you have performed since your schooling days, so don't belittle the longevity and effectiveness of these exercises!

With this guide, we will help you max out your potential in no time.

How to Train for Your IPPT: 2.4km Run

1. Create a training plan

Similar to how to train for your 2.4km run, planning is the key to your success!

Build up a regular schedule and turn action into habit. 

Start small and work your way up the ladder of health and wellness!

Our Top Hacks: How To Train For a 2.4km Run

2.0 Form is everything

Before thinking about what to spend on with the $500 earned, the top focus on your mind should be on perfecting your push up and sit up form!

Not only will you enable your training to reach its maximum efficiency, you will also minimise the potential "no counts" at the test station.


How to Train Your Push Ups and Sit Ups: IPPT Hacks

2.1 Perfect your form: push ups

With the introduction of the ELISS (Electronic IPPT Scoring System), gone are the days where you can ask your buddy to help you cheat.

Don't think about getting past the machine motion sensors - perfecting your push up form is your best bet!


1. Ensure your hands are placed shoulder-width apart

2. Keep your back straight as a ruler, prop your hips up too!

3. Lower your body until there is a one-fist spacing from the ground

4. Whatever you do, don't push your butt up! Keep your head parallel to your body at all times.


Use push up equipment to help you structure and fix your form during training.

These tools help you to lock the necessary movements into place, and ensure you shape them into muscle memory!

Our Top Hacks: How To Train For a 2.4km Run

4-In-1 push up grips - $15

Versatile and FUN, these grips help you incorporate exercises that work your entire body.

Suitable for beginners and experts alike!

Our Top Hacks: How To Train For a 2.4km Run

2.2 Perfect your form: sit ups

Your abdominals are an extremely important set of muscles that provide stability for your whole body.

These core muscles assist not only in supporting your spine, they also aid in your breathing rhythm.


1. Cup your hands on your ears, and make sure your shoulder blades touch the floor

2. Have your elbows touch your knees as you sit up!

3. Crunch your abs as you do, for that extra oomph per rep


Portion a part of your training to include a sit up workout under test scenarios.

Attempt to crunch out as many reps as possible during this 1-minute push in order to extend your maximum strength and build your mental readiness for game day.

Our Top Hacks: How To Train For a 2.4km Run

Sit up bar - $20

Anchor yourself firmly and train both your waist and abdominals.

Suitable for use on a variety of surfaces.


3. Additional strength training

To further build your activated muscles during your push ups and sit ups, here are some other bodybuilding exercises that you can mix into your training:

For Push Ups

1. Bench Press
2. Deltoid Raises
3. Triceps Extensions

For Sit Ups

1. Planks
2. Flutter Kicks
3. Russian Twists

Find a workout buddy, and make it a hobby or weekly regiment!

Our Top Hacks: How To Train For a 2.4km Run

4. Taper down your training intensity and don't forget to stretch

As the IPPT test date approaches, you should look to scale down the intensity of your training to ensure that your body is not overworked on race day itself.

Ensure you do ample stretching exercises both before and after exercise, and before you turn in for the night.

Our Top Hacks: How To Train For a 2.4km Run

5. Enjoy the process and don't forget to massage your tired muscles

Congratulate yourself for working hard and challenging your limits over the last couple of weeks!

It has been tough on you and regardless of the results, remember to give yourself a pat on the back for a workout well done.

The recovery process is an often-overlooked process in training, but one that is as important as the sweat you lose too.

Get yourself a handy dandy massage kit to roll the aching knots in your body away!

This 3-in-1 massage kit will be able to target all your overworked muscle groups from your back, your calves and your thighs.

Work in the massage process daily after all your workouts so that your body will be thanking you all the way to the D-day and beyond!


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How to Train for A 2.4km Run: IPPT Hacks

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