How to Choose a Football Jersey?

How to choose a football jersey?

Whether you are looking for a sports jersey for your practice sessions or a new football jersey for your entire team, here's how to choose the best!

In Singapore, football is one of the most popular sports, and football jerseys are popularly worn by football fans and players alike. 

If you are a part of a team, you probably don’t have a choice regarding your kit. But you can still wear your own choice of football jersey when it comes to practice sessions. 

Whether you are looking for a sports jersey for your practice sessions or the new football jersey that your entire team will wear, here’s a look at how to choose the best.

How to Choose a Football Jersey?

6 Tips for choosing the best football jersey

1. Don't compromise on comfort

The first rule of buying a football jersey is choosing something comfortable. You don’t want to be distracted by uncomfortable material or fit during an intense game. 

Rough labels that poke into your skin and seams that cause an itch or irritation can all distract you from performing your best.

Comfort also extends to how you feel when sweating it out on the field. The jersey should offer optimal air circulation when you stop playing.

2.  Choose the right fit

Football jerseys are not meant to fit tight, but they are not intended to be baggy.

The fit of a football jersey is critical – an oversized jersey looks drab and obstructive, while a very tight-fitting jersey will restrict movement.

The Viralto Solo football shirt has a unique cut and uses an exclusive outback fabric that ensures optimal stretch.

If you are planning to wear one or more layers of clothing under the jersey, you might consider choosing the next size for comfort.

If you are not planning on layering clothing, you can choose between a straight-cut jersey and a slim-fitting cut – it all boils down to your preference. When choosing for a team – choose a single fit across the team.

3.  Choose good quality fabric

You will know a good quality jersey from the fabric it is made of. The jersey should be soft, breathable, lightweight, and comfortable.

Other factors to consider when choosing the material are the durability and quality of the material. Choose material that does not end up looking old and faded after a few washes. Your Jersey represents you and your team, and you want to ensure you can wear it repeatedly through a season or several seasons.

Polyester is a fantastic material for jerseys because it is a light, breathable fabric that effectively wicks perspiration. The material allows easy and free movement since the polyester fibres are not very tightly woven together. Plus, it’s durable and can withstand rough wear.

Polycotton is another soft and comfortable fabric that is excellent for perspiration wicking.

How to Choose a Football Jersey?

4. Consider appealing designs and colours

Your team’s jersey will represent you and your team both on and off the playfield. So, not only should it look appealing and attractive, but it should also look professional.

Choosing the colours of your team’s jersey is essential as well. Most teams choose to wear dark colours like red, blue, and even purple as they are confident and bold.

However, light colours work out very well as well. Check out the Viralto Solo football shirt available in dark and light colours.

When choosing the colours of your football jersey, it is also essential to consider the colour of the shorts you will wear and matching the jersey and the shorts is important

If you have a team logo, you can choose football jerseys that show off the colours of your logo.

But if you are selecting a football jersey for your personal training sessions, you might want to choose one that sports your favourite team’s logo.

5. Choose easy-to-maintain jerseys

The care and maintenance of your jersey are critical, and different materials require different maintenance requirements.

You don’t want to waste too much time looking after your jersey.

Choose a machine-washable jersey that is easy to look after – like the Kipsta F100 which is machine washable and air dries quickly.

How to Choose a Football Jersey?

6. Consider additional features

Football jerseys are available with short sleeves and full sleeves.

Full sleeve football jerseys like the Kipsta F500 football jersey for goalkeepers can prevent excessive sweating and hazards like abrasions and extreme heat.

Full sleeves also help improve blood supply, remove lactic acid, and minimize muscle trauma.

There are several factors to consider when choosing a Singapore football jersey, including comfort, fit, fabric, appearance, and care. 

While selecting a football jersey for the entire team, it is vital to ensure you take input from all the team members. 

However, when choosing a personal jersey for your practice sessions – the sky’s the limit. 

How to Choose a Football Jersey?

Written by: ellysa jamaludin

Team sports digital sports leader, decathlon singapore

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