How to Choose Your Next Soccer Boots!

How to choose your next pair of soccer boots

Unsure of which soccer boots to get? There are boots for natural grass, artificial grass and more. Learn how to choose the best pair for you.

What are the differences between natural grass pitches & artificial grass pitches?

  • How to Choose Your Next Soccer Boots!

    Natural grass pitch

    As the name suggests, this pitch is made up of natural grass.

    This means the conditions of the grass will be highly dependent on weather conditions.

    When it rains too much the pitch becomes muddy and the ground will be much softer compared to when the weather is sunnier, where the pitch will be dry and harder.

    When the ground is too muddy there will be a tendency for your boots to get stuck in the ground, which may restrict your movements.

    You do not want your boots to be stuck just before you make your perfect shot into the goal!

    Natural grass also tends to have uneven grounds which will cause difficulty for ball control.

    It is still common in Singapore for soccer games.

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  • How to Choose Your Next Soccer Boots!

    Artificial grass pitch

    Artificial grass pitches are gaining popularity for soccer players in Singapore in recent years due to their cost-saving maintenance.

    This grass pitch has a carpet-like feel and is usually hard and flat on the ground.

    Artificial grass pitches also look similar to natural grass.

    However, artificial grass absorbs more heat compared to natural grass, which may be a disadvantage in Singapore's sunny weather.

    When falling on artificial grass, the impact can be dangerous as compared to natural grass as the surface of artificial grass is much harder.

    Ball passes usually move across more freely due to this.


What boot should i wear when playing on natural grass?

For natural grass, the ideal soccer boot should come with longer studs.

Natural grass is prone to wet and muddy conditions.

Boots with longer studs allow for better grip due to unpredictable weather conditions that might affect the pitch.

When the ground is muddy, the longer studs help to achieve better grip compared to shorter studs.

Having longer studs will ensure a firm grip when running and changing direction.

However, do note that longer studs should not be used on artificial grass as there is a high risk of ankle injury due to the hard surface of artificial grass pitches.


What boot should i wear when playing on artificial grass?

 “Studs” are the most important factor when playing on an artificial pitch.

Typically, soccer boots with multiple flat studs are most recommended. 

Short and flat studs allow players to run around freely across the pitch. 

You will also realise that these boots come with multiple studs for better grip and even distribution for hard ground, as artificial pitches are rather hard and shallow long studs may cause injuries.

If you still prefer boots that have studs, pick ones that are short and round.

Is it okay to wear artificial ground shoes on natural grass and vice versa?

Yes, it is, but you will not be able to get the same amount of traction while dribbling the ball or even running on the field, which will affect your performance. 

You might even slip and fall, causing unwanted injuries. 

On the flip side, it is okay to wear boots with long studs on artificial grounds, provided that you pick ones with short and round studs. 

However, artificial grounds are notorious for causing knee and ankle injuries as they hve more traction than grass.

How to Choose Your Next Soccer Boots!


There are various types of studs that can be found in the market. 

Rubber, plastic and metal studs are most commonly used.

In Singapore’s football scene, rubber or plastic studs are more utilised as compared to metal studs. 

Metal studs are more durable and usually cost more than rubber and plastic studs. 

Many football matches do not allow players to wear metal studs as they can be very dangerous. 

Metal studs may also have a tendency of getting caught in the ground, restricting movement during play.

As a rule of thumb, rubber and plastic studs are usually safer and more practical especially if you are a recreational player.

Low cut or mid ankle cut?


1. Low cut or mid ankle cut?

There is definitely a difference in the appearance of these two boots. 

However, there is no difference in both of their performances. 

If you are looking to have extra protection for your ankle, you can opt for a mid-ankle cut design.

However, do note that it will not be the best protection you can get. 

The ultimate choice of whether to go for a low or mid-ankle cut depends on individual preference.

2. Shoe laces or slip-ons?

Soccer boots with shoelaces are designed to keep your feet in place so that they don’t slide around in your shoes.

Having said that, many shoes have been designed with slip-ons in place of shoe laces in recent years.

Those who prefer ease and convenience should definitely opt for slip-ons!



Take a look at our Agility 900 natural grass boots.

It comes with a liner that has a wide opening and a rear pull tab to make it easy to pull on.

This design will make it easier to slip on this boot too!

General fitting


This is a common question before purchasing a pair of soccer boots.

It is important that your feet should not be sliding around nor feeling cramped up. 

The best way to ensure this doesn't happen is to always try them on with your soccer socks before purchase. 

A generic guide would be to have ½ inch of space for optimum comfortability.


If you have broad feet, you should opt for broader-designed boots as this will give you maximum comfort during play.

 You do not want your feet to cramp up during your game!

Sports equipment & apparel

We hope you're all set and geared up for your next game! 

Look like a pro, play like a pro too.

How to Choose Your Next Pair of Soccer Boots

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