how to choose a portable Football goalpost?

What kind of portable goalpost is most appropriate for where I play and how I play?

Find your answers in this article!

How to choose a portable goalpost?

Do you want to turn an afternoon at the beach into a real game of beach football?
Or turn a 2v2 in the garden or nearby park into the Champions League finals?
Here's how you can do so.

how to choose the best portable goalpost for you?

As if the world of goalposts weren't enough, the world of portable ones contains equally as many choices at Decathlon!
Too many choices, too little time?
Here's our short lowdown on how to choose the best portable football goalpost that best fits your play/environment.
From goalposts with an integrated pump, to ones that you can anchor into the grass... read on!

Plenty of other choices

Other than portable goalposts, there are plenty of others to choose from too!
Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player - there's bound to be something for you.
Check out our selection below.

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