How to choose your badminton shoes?

So you have decided to start badminton or perhaps your are simply searching for  a new shoes? Let us assist you with what is an important choice when it comes to ensuring optimal safety as you play!

In order to make the best choice when selecting your badminton shoes, you must take into account the level at which you play with a view to choosing the most suitable shoes.

Requirements depending on your playing frequency

Depending on your level, you will have different needs compared to those of your partner or competitor. So let's take a look at these product advantages that will help you make the best choice of badminton shoes.

  • How To Choose Your Badminton Shoes?

    Occasional play

    For your first few steps into the world of badminton you will need shoes that are breathable. This breathability will encourage the ventilation of the feet.

  • How To Choose Your Badminton Shoes?

    Regular play

    If you play badminton more regularly, you will need more cushioned badminton shoes. This cushioning will absorb the impact on your feet during movements as you will be moving more.

  • How To Choose Your Badminton Shoes?

    Intensive play

    If you are an intensive player, support is an undeniable asset in any badminton shoe. In face, with high intensity movements you need a shoe that protects your foot from this aggressive motion.

How To Choose Your Badminton Shoes?


The more you progress in terms of your level of play, the more intense your movements will be, which means you will need a suitable pair of shoes. The durability of your shoes must therefore be taken into account. With all of the rapid changes of direction and lunges, before putting your shoes through their paces you must keep in mind that wear-resistance is a crucial criterion when selecting your shoes.

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