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How to choose your football shin guard?

When you play football, your shins and ankles are put to the test. They need to be protected against blows and shocks. Read on how to pick the best shin guard for you!

It is important to choose the right shin guard according to your desired protection zone (shin or shin + ankle) and the type of support offered (self-gripping band or support sock). 

Choosing the right size is also important.

KIPSTA offers a range of protections depending on the area and type of support desired, so read on to discover how you can pick the best one for you!

Types of shin protection

There are different types of support systems when wearing a shin guard. So it is important to consider the comfort you are looking for according to the position you are playing on the field.
Some might prefer flexibility and others might prefer high support to prevent any movement of the shin guard.

  • Protège-tibias

    Shin protection with elastic bands

    If you are looking for simple shin protection, you will find models with a support system using two elasticated bands for a precise and adapted fit.

  • Protège-tibias

    Shin protection with sleeve

    For optimal support, opt for a model with a sleeve support system (sock) that adapts to everyone.


    Shin and ankle protection with sleeve

    If you are looking for additional ankle protection, you can find models with a hook-and-loop strap support system which will also provide sufficient ankle support.

Comment choisir ses protège-tibias pour jouer au football?

Choosing the right size

When trying to find the right size, it is important that your knees are bent while checking. 

Ensure that there are about 2 - 3 inches of gap between the top of the guard and below the knees, and that the guard stops about an inch above the ankle bend.

If you are in between sizes, it is advisable not to size up as it will give you less flexibility of movement during games.


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