How to choose: roller blades for kids

Eager to do some roller blading with your kids in parks across Singapore or on ECP during the weekends? Learn how to choose the best roller blades for your young ones with our guide!


At Decathlon, roller skates are made and designed according to the level of practice of the child.

We share some insights on how to pick the most suitable pair for your kids!

Level of practice definitions:


- I am new and would like to discover inline skates more

- I am at the early stages of learning to have better balance and coordination.

- I have experience in inline skates and practices the fundamentals of roller skating without any difficulties: getting up, skating, turning and braking with the brake pad.

- I have been practicing this sport for a long time and would like to gain speed.

- I can make difficult moves such as tight turns, brake in a "T", etc. I can navigate, stop in an emergency, avoid or cross an obstacle easily.

How to Choose: Rollerblades for Kids

Best for beginners

Play 3 kids' inline skates

Our team of roller skating fans has developed this great pair of kids' skates.

Is your child a beginner with EU 26 - 28 feet?

Is your child ready to roll but you feel their balance isn't quite there yet?

The Play 3 skates are stable, sturdy, and adjustable up to 3 sizes! 

How to Choose: Rollerblades for Kids

Best for intermediate

Fit 3 kids' fitness skates

Our team of skating fans has developed this pair of skates that adjusts up to 4 sizes.

These skates are great for rides of several km. They come starting in size EU 29 - 32.

The Fit 3 junior skates are practical, comfy, and grow with your child.

How to Choose: Rollerblades for Kids

Best for advanced

Fit 5 jr kids' inline fitness skates

This pair offers a great glide, and is adjustable up to 3 sizes.

These junior skates are designed for rides lasting up to several hours, ensuring a comfy ride throughout the entire journey.

Sizes start from EU 29 - 32.5, and runs up to EU 38 - 41.