Yoga poses for hikers



As hikers, we are no strangers to body aches, pains and injuries. By engaging in a set of postures, yoga can be an effective way to help you in alleviating the physical and mental toll hiking has on your body in the long run!

Why is yoga good for all hikers?

Yoga may seem intimidating or even reserved for a niche audience. However, it is a sport suitable for all! 

Physical benefits of yoga for hiking:~- Increases stamina and strength to embark on more intense hikes over a longer period~- Increases flexibility to increase range of movement, reducing the risk of unwanted injuries~- Improves balance for stability on difficult terrains~- Improves lung capacity by learning better breathing tips to ease cramps~- Improves recovery of sore muscles to boost endurance~~ 

Mental benefits of yoga:~- Facilitates mind-body connection to increase awareness of body~- Develops concentration ~- Cultivates mental endurance~- Relaxes mind to relieve stress


The tree pose: root firmly onto the ground!

Engages: Thighs, calves and ankles


This pose consists of standing upright on one foot. It allows you to work on your balance and improve your concentration. 

Nothing too complicated! we'll start with these simple positions:

1) Tree Posture~2) Warrior Posture~3) Downward Facing Dog~4) Lotus Posture 

The warrior pose: reveal the fighter inside you!

Improves: Stamina, balance, and coordination

Engages: Abdomen, ankles, arches of the feet



- Ground yourself firmly while standing straight

- Focus your gaze softly on a particular area as you slowly lunge forward with arms stretched away from the body, in a straight line.



The downward facing dog: stretch it out! 

Improves strength in: Arms, shoulders, legs

Engages: Hamstrings, calves, spine


- Start off with a plank by placing your hands in line with shoulders over wrists on tiptoe position

- Exhale as you lift your knees away from the ground, pushing back through your hands to lift hips

The lotus position: sit back and relax your mind!   

End this session by sitting yourself comfortably on your mat, with crossed legs. Sit your back in the upright position and place your hands together at the heart center. This posture allows you to calm your nerves and your mind by awakening the energy that is in you. Go ahead and engage in a guided meditation if you wish! 



Try these poses on your next hike or outdoor adventure! They serve as a good way to begin or end your hike!