4 Ways to motivate yourself to start exercising


Motivate Yourself

Exercising may come easy to those who do it every day, but sometimes, you just need that little extra boost to help you start your workout right.

Everyone’s motivation to exercise is different. Some want to look good for others, some want to look good for themselves, while others simply want to be able to eat what they want (just like me!). However, sometimes exercising may seem like a chore. Don’t worry, we’ll cover 4 techniques which you can use to motivate yourself to exercise!

No. 1: health benefits

Do you know what benefits your health the most, other than your diet? It’s exercising! Regular exercise will boost your mental and physical well-being. Several benefits of exercising include weight loss, mood boost, regulated blood sugar and insulin levels, and even reduced risk of heart diseases! You’ll be able to look good while enjoying yourself at the same time – what better motivation is there than this?


No. 2: music

Everyone listens to music for different reasons, be it to entertain yourself while on the way to work, at home while you’re cooking, or even to relax before you sleep. So why not use it to exercise as well? Music is a powerful tool which helps many improve their mood before they exercise, and some even use it to pace themselves! Simply create an album of your favourite tunes and I’m sure you’ll enjoy your exercise sessions while grooving to them!

No. 3: social interaction

Exercising by yourself can seem lonely at times. Why not get yourself a workout buddy? Working out with someone else keeps you accountable to yourself AND your buddy. Plus point – you get to hang out with them and also get your workout done at the same time! In the event where you can’t meet up, you could also consider video-calling your friends and doing some home fitness sessions together.

Social Interaction
Setting Targets

No. 4: setting end goals

Everyone can set targets and goals, but not everyone can achieve them! Start by setting an end goal for yourself (e.g. running consistently for 30 minutes). Then, draw up a workout plan that builds up to that end goal according to your schedule, and make sure to adhere to it. Even if you are not able to achieve your end goal, you would definitely have made some progress!

Crystal Loo

Written by: crystal loo

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" I hope these tips and tricks have helped to motivate you to start exercising! If you managed to start exercising after using these steps, CONGRATULATIONS and GOOD JOB! "

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