Manutenção raquete

Do's and don'ts to prolong your badminton racket's lifespan

These handy tips will save you lotsa time and money!

Badminton is an extremely popular sport due to its low barrier to entry and versatility. Users of all ages and fitness levels can play it!

Whatever your skill or frequency level, no one wants a badminton racket that spoils very quickly.

Here are some tips to follow to take care of your badminton racket(s) and enjoy them longer.

Looking after your badminton racket: dos

1. What should you do when a racket string breaks?

a. Strings are very susceptible to wear and breakage ad i is very common that strings break while playing. To increase the lifespan of your strings, ensure that you always keep your racket in a cover while not in use.

b. If a string is broken, cut all the strings including the unbroken ones. Otherwise, tension is unequally distributed across the racket's head, putting pressure on certain spots of the frame and causing the head to deform or even break if the tension is too high.

2. Restringing your racket

a. If the strings of your racket are broken or loose, you should get it re-strung by a professional stringer. Always use good quality multifilament strings and replace the grommets if they are broken or missing to prevent the strings from getting cut by the edges of the eyelets on the racket frame.

b. Make sure that the recommended tension is applied to the strings. If your racket is already getting on in age, ask a stringer what the right tension is for you.

3. Replacing your grip

a. Usually a new racket will come with a base grip which is already pasted on the wooden handle. Depending on how you play, your racket may wear out more or less quickly. You should replace the base grip every 2-3 months in order to keep a good grip between your hand and the racket.

b. You can also use an overgrip if you want to protect the base grip or enlarge the grip to better fit your hand.

PRO-TIP: If you have sweaty palms, use a towel grip!

4. Proper storage and transport

a. Graphite rackets are very durable and can withstand high tension. However, if they aren't stored away properly, they are vulnerable to external damage and the durability of the frame reduces. Always store your racket in a case or foam cover to protect it.

Manutenção da sua raquete de badminton:o que fazer e o que evitar

Looking after your badminton racket: don'ts

1. Shuttlecock impacting the frame

a. Your racket's frame can get damaged if the shuttle hits the frame, especially during a smash. As a beginner, you are advised to always use a metal racket, as it is more resistant. Once you have improved, you can then switch to a graphite or high modulus carbon racket and try to avoid hitting the shuttlecock with the frame.

2. Clashing of Rackets

a. When playing doubles, avoid hitting your opponent's racket with your own as graphite/carbon rackets tend to break upon impact, while steel/aluminium frames tend to bend in this situation.

3. Racket storage

a. Never put any heavy or pointed object on the racket. Any unwanted pressure on the racket can change the shape, flexibility, and strength of the racket.

4. Extreme temperatures

a. If you expose a full graphite racket to sunlight or high temperatures, the racket can melt and become deformed. Hence, the string tension is impacted and can lose its effectiveness and your racket can lose its durability. On the other hand, if it's exposed to very low temperatures, the frame can become more fragile and the stringing could become brittle.

5. Higher string tension than recommended

a. Higher string tension than recommended or high string tensions in old/damaged rackets can make the racket frame bend or break while playing. Hence make sure that the string tension is within the recommended guideline.

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