It’s already March and if you have yet to get started on your new year resolutions, it’s not too late! With the current COVID-19 situation or even the humid Singapore weather, your motivation to go to workout may be depleting. Therefore, let’s motivate you with some new fitness equipment that you can use to work out anywhere!

Sliders Female
Gliding Discs


Ever needed a full body workout, but can't go to the gym? Look no further! These Gliding Discs are going to be your new best friends!


1. Versatility

You can use the sliders to work your arms, legs and even your back! And the greatest thing about the Gliding Discs is that they are small and easily transportable. Throw them in your gym bag and head out, or store them in a drawer once you’re done!


2. Adaptable

Whether your room is carpeted or tiled, these sliders can be used anywhere! Use the red foam side for hard surfaces and the blue slide for soft surfaces.


3.Practical & Intuitive

Not sure what exercises can be done with the Gliding Discs? There are 20 examples available at the back of the box! Also, it is advised to adapt the workout to your level of fitness. What’s important is that you maintain your form to reduce the risk of getting injured.


Have you ever felt pain or tightness in your forearms when exercising?~If so, you need to strengthen your forearms. Doing hand grip exercises is a great way to do that.

~Building forearm strength is important for improving your performance during sports activities requiring a strong grip, such as weight training, tennis, rock climbing, etc. It will also make everyday activities easier, like carrying your heavy NTUC bags.


1. Compact Shape

It is so small and lightweight that you can have 1 in each of your bags! It can be used anywhere, and at anytime :)


2. Easy to use

Choose the right resistance for yourself. No adjustment is needed! Just pick it up and start squeezing. If it starts to get too easy, squeeze it and rotate your wrists. This gives an additional level of difficulty.


3. Easy to clean

The material of the Handgrip Ring allows the ring to maintain its shape and it is also easy to clean.



Did you know that jumping with a Speed Rope helps with coordination, conditioning and speed training? Therefore, you would see many Boxers and Cross Training enthusiasts dedicating some time on the Speed Rope. This year, we have brought in a new and improved Speed Rope to help you with your workouts!


1. Better Bearing Quality

With a smoother rope, it allows the rope to rotate faster. Therefore, doing double unders will be so much easier and smoother!


2. Longer Handles

We have increased the length of the handles to allow you to accelerate your pace, without getting tired. 


3. Longer Rope

We have increased the maximum length of the rope from 2.8m to 3.35m!


4. Simple Adjustment

Adjust the length of your rope to your preferred height, tighten it and you are good to go!


Calluses on your palms can really be painful and it may deter you from returning to your workout routine. Therefore, it is always important to protect them when doing any gymnastics-style movements used in cross-training workouts. Discover how our Two-Finger Cross-Training Hand grips can be your new best friend!


1. Abrasion Resistant

We understand that doing exercises like dead-lifts, dips and pull ups can cause a strain on your gloves. You’ll probably need to purchase a new pair every month or so. But you don’t have to worry about it with our hand grips! These hand grips are made of highly durable and long lasting fabric


2. Limits Irritation

Have you ever realized that the calluses on your palms are usually formed first, at the base of your third and fourth finger? These hand grips are designed to protect your palm from forming calluses at the base of your third and fourth finger, while protecting your entire palm as well.


3. Good Grip

Gymnastic-style movements require a good grip, to prevent injuries. These hand grips allow for better friction between your palm and the bar. Ideally, always use these grips with some chalk to have a better grip on the bar. A great tip for all those who have sweaty palms :) 

Cross Training Hand Grip


We are in a digital age where our mobile phone is more precious than our wallet. However, with all the texting, Instagram-ing, Facebook-ing and typing that we do, the muscles in our hands do get strained. As a result, it is always important to strengthen the muscles of your fingers, hands and forearm.  Knowing the importance of this, the Nyamba Pilates team as developed this Hand Mobility kit to help you.


1. Versatile

This kit comes with a toning egg, trigger ball and elastic bands for an all-round workout.  The toning egg can be used to strengthen your forearms. The trigger ball is designed to relax any tight muscles. The elastic bands, with the finger loops, are used to strengthen your fingers and hands.


2. Flexible

The elastic bands come in 2 resistances. This is to help you progress in your strengthening of fingers and hands. Simply put your fingers in the loops and pull your fingers apart. This exercise will help you strengthen your grip and will be extremely useful in sports such as Tennis, badminton or climbing.


3. Easy Maintenance

Simply wash this kit with water and it will be as good as new!


4. Easy transport

This kit comes with a polyester bag. Simply put the accessories in this bag and it can be transported anywhere! The bag is washable too!


Just as when you thought our Pilates mats couldn’t get more comfy… We bring a longer and thicker mat!!


1. User Comfort

This mat is 20mm thick and it is 190cm long!


2. Easy transport

The mat comes with a mat strap. All you need to do is strap it one, and carry it anywhere you want J


3. Grip

The last thing you need is for your mat to be slipping while you are doing your exercises. This mat has a good grip on the ground so that you remain stable at all times.


4. Easy Maintenance

All you will need is 300ml of water, 1 tablespoon of white vinegar and 5 drops of essential oils. Spray this concoction onto your mat, and wipe it clean with a dry cloth. Do it after each workout session to disinfect and deodorize your mat.



How often do you know if your posture is good during a workout? Bad posture can lead to injuries and affect our mobility. Therefore, the Domyos Pilates team has designed this wooden gym stick to help you focus on your posture.


1. Versatile

A single accessory to train your mobility with precision, control and alignment


2. Stability

Helps if you struggle with balance during lunges or squats.


3. Lightweight

Weighing only 280g, it does not add weight to your body-weight exercises.


Do you feel wrists strains while doing some floor exercises? Or do you want to add just a little more difficulty to your planks? Then this Pilates pad is for you!


1. Versatile

Put this pad under your forearms as you do planks, and it will create a little instability. This will help you strengthen your deep muscles. Use this pad to help you with some balancing exercises too!


2. User comfort.

Its 6cm thickness helps with your comfort when you feel some strains. For example, if you feel wrist strain, place your forearms on the pad and let your fingers touch the ground. It helps to relive some strain from your wrists immediately.


3. Softness

Use this pad to rest your head or back during your cool down.