#TheFirstRuleIsPlay: How to Enjoy Sports with Decathlon!

#Thefirstruleisplay: how to enjoy sports with decathlon!

Forget the right number of players or even the right field to play sports - at Decathlon, #TheFirstRuleIsPlay, and we'll show you how!

Thinking of trying a new sport, but worried about not having
the right technique, the right playing field or even the right age to pick up a new sport?
Fret not. At Decathlon, we'll debunk some of these myths to sports, as #TheFirstRuleIsPlay!

Don't let these common sports myths stop you:

  • #TheFirstRuleIsPlay: How to Enjoy Sports with Decathlon!

    Rule #23: have the right number of players

    "The right number of players should determine whether you should pick up a sport." Said nobody ever.

    If you're thinking of picking up a team sport like basketball or soccer, but don't have enough kakis to play with you - who's stopping you?

    Head down to the court or pitch and try your luck with a bunch of strangers - chances are that you'll make new friends who share your sporting passion in no time.

  • #TheFirstRuleIsPlay: How to Enjoy Sports with Decathlon!

    Rule #28: play in the right field

    No facilities nor space? No problem. At Decathlon, we've created a wide range of innovative products for you to play whenever, wherever.

    Take our Inflatable Football Goalpost or our 3M Badminton Easy Set for example - they both allow you to set up a soccer goalpost or badminton net anywhere in 45 seconds or less!

    Browse our other innovation products that'll enable you to play your favourite sport without space constraints in no time!

  • #TheFirstRuleIsPlay: How to Enjoy Sports with Decathlon!

    Rule #35: start young

    So, you're in your 40s, 50s - or even in your 60s or above. This doesn't mean it should impede you in starting an active lifestyle! When #TheFirstRuleIsPlay, age shouldn't matter.

    Besides commonly recommended sports like swimming, golf, table tennis and cycling, you could also up your fitness game by trying your hand at nordic walking - a lesser-known sport that's basically walking across the country with the aid of long poles resembling ski sticks.

    We highly recommend you to try it, as you get to enjoy Singapore's beautiful landscapes whilst keeping your hip and knee joints safe, improving your circulation and mental wellbeing, and strengthening your heart and lungs!

  • #TheFirstRuleIsPlay: How to Enjoy Sports with Decathlon!

    Rule #33: follow the instructor's every move

    Intimidated by fierce or super ripped gym instructors who seem like they won't let you off the hook if you don't follow their every move?

    Don't let that stop you from achieving your fitness goals, yet having fun at the same time - because who said you needed to join a gym to do so?

    With Decathlon, the world is your fitness playground. Grab our fitness bestsellers like our kettlebells, weighted vests, pull-up bars, hex dumbbells and build your own home gym or take them outdoors for a fun spin on your fitness goals today.

    Don't forget to grab a buddy for twice the fun while doing so!

We hope that these tips were useful in considering, maintaining or even starting a new sport practice.
With Decathlon, #TheFirstRuleIsPlay, and nothing else should matter as much.
Go forth and play today!


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