4 Benefits of using a exercise bike


Benefits Of Using A Exercise Bike

Don't underestimate this simple machine. An exercise bike can be used by anyone, adjusted to match your athletic ability, and gives you an entire body workout without stressing your joints! Stationary exercise bikes offer a new dimension of convenience to working out from home as well. If you already have or are planning to get an exercise bike, here are 3 more benefits you'll gain by working out with it! 

Firm thighs and glutes

This is a goal for many of us. To achieve this, forget those treatments and accessories that promise you a butt like JLo's. The only solution is to find an effective workout and stick to it! Work it, to earn it! 


The exercise bike allows you to work on your lower body in depth. Your glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps and calves are constantly engaged.

Here is a suggestion on how to give those muscles a good workout: 

Firm thighs & buttocks

1. For maximum effectiveness, nothing beats the dancer position. Put your elbows on the handlebars, raise your buttocks and ensure that your back is as straight as possible. Want to make it tougher? Increase the resistance of your bike! 

2. In terms of frequency, we advise you to have short (30 minutes maximum) but intense session, up to three times a week. Do not be demoralised if your legs cramp up after your first workout. This just means that you are one step closer to your goal! Just remember to stretch before and after each workout :) 

Reduce Cellulite

Reduced cellulite

Everyone's worst enemy... cellulite! They appear due to many reasons: hormones, poor lifestyle, fluid retention, poor blood circulation, genetics, etc. Although stubborn and difficult to get rid of, there are ways to reduce them :) 

Firstly, have a balanced, healthy and varied diet. We can't stress this enough... but do also remember to HYDRATE (since we are in hot, hot, hot Singapore). These are equally as important as working out! In addition, the exercise bike is a great ally to fight cellulite. By biking, you will promote muscle toning and improve blood circulation, thus reducing cellulite. 

The next thing you need to do is create a schedule. You do not have to plan a workout every day – allow time for your muscles time to rest and rebuild! For maximum effectiveness, we recommend biking for 45 minutes, 3 times a week, with at least 1 rest day between each session. So, get your favorite Spotify playlist on, and get on that bike! You will be pleased with your results :) 

Weight loss

The exercise bike is recommended to achieve weight loss. When done well, cycling combines cardio and muscle strengthening. For the results to be optimal, this is a tip to follow:

HIIT (high-intensity interval training) is the best workout for burning maximum calories. This could mean up to 500 calories consumed in 1 hour. The concept? Varying between high intensity and recovery to quickly eliminate fat.

Weight Loss

Typical session (3x a week):

Whatever your goal is, the exercise bike will help you get there :) Now, all you have to worry about is whether you are gonna workout at home or at the gym!

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