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Muscle Strengthening

Has it been a long time since you last kept yourself fit? Do you feel that it is challenging to get back on track after a long time? Not to worry, muscle strengthening and body toning exercises are sets of workouts that everyone is capable of! It is a journey to a better body form, filling you with self-satisfaction and confidence.

What is muscle strengthening? 

Muscle strengthening and weight training are different - muscle strengthening does not require lifting heavy loads. It is the process of getting your body worked and used to repetitive movements by the exercises performed, which will eventually get you an athletic posture and figure. Of course, the progress of this depends on the intensity of the workout. Depending on the type of exercise, the thighs, abdominal areas and your bum are the common muscle areas that are focused on in muscle strengthening.

Muscle Strengthening

Let's get started

To start off, you can use your own body weight. It is important to put in consistent effort in the exercises that you do – especially for planks and dips, just to name a few. If you prefer to work with some equipment like a Pilates band or dumbbells, that works too! Just remember to do it regularly as it will contribute greatly to maintaining your body frame. It may seem tough at first, but once you get the hang of it, it will be easier and you will eventually find the need to push your limits!


All you need is to plan the workout you want to do, where you want to do it, and ensure that the equipment you need is readily available. And you're all set!

Benefits of muscle strengthening

Did you know that your muscles have a stimulating effect on your bones? By keeping yourself fit, your body will be strong enough to fight against diseases like osteoporosis. Your body posture will improve too and the tendency to feel any kind of back or body aches may be reduced. Over time, you will notice your fat mass getting lesser as well. Not only will your clothes fit better, but you'll feel better about yourself too! 

~The best part about muscle strengthening? You don't have to go to the gym to do it! You can do it at home, at your own time and in a comfortable environment. No need to fuss over sharing equipment with others or whether your workout clothes match!

Benefits of Muscle Strengthening

Doubting yourself?

Remember to take it slow. Start by discovering your style and catering to your own abilities and conditions. Then, move on to tweaking the workout intensity to make it suitable for you as you go. If you prefer doing a sport instead of being on an exercise mat, go ahead! You will find yourself being able to last through the exercises and feel stronger eventually as you progress.


If you are feeling sore, or having some pains, remember to stretch. Stretching is as important as the workout itself. So do give your body enough time to recover.


Finally, if you need a little push, listen to your favourite music to keep your spirits up or get a workout buddy to do these exercises with you. Regardless of age or athletic background, discipline is key!

Essentials that you'll need

Bear in mind that what you wear for your workout will contribute to your performance and productivity of the exercise as well. We recommend you to wear apparels that are thin and breathable so that heat from your body can pass through. Working up a sweat is a piece of cake, especially with this humid weather in Singapore!~ 

Stretchable, tight-fitting clothes are best so that you can perform the exercises without worrying about getting your clothes caught elsewhere. Freedom of movement and perspire wicking are factors you should look for when getting all set and ready for your workout.~ 

If you need shoes, be sure to wear ones that provide you with cushion and support while being lightweight.

Workout Clothes


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