Best Activities for Kids in Singapore

Best sporting activities for kids in singapore

Looking for fun activities to do in Singapore on the weekends or during the school holidays? We've got you covered with this list!

Weekends and school holidays should be maximised to have fun with junior!

This is especially so if you've got a young one who can never seem to stay still – sport is the answer to curb those restless nerves.

Not only do sporting activities cultivate discipline, they also develop much needed motor skills early.

We've compiled a list of sporty ideas that both you and junior could do together in Singapore – check 'em out!

Best Sporting Activities for Kids in Singapore

1. Get hiking

It's time to chuck those devices away and explore hidden gems in our city on foot!

It's also a good way for kids to cultivate their love for the outdoors at a young age and discover the unending surprises that nature has to offer along the way.

Every hike brings about new discoveries for both adults and kids – what's not to love about that?

Discover these best places to hike with your kids in Singapore!

Best Sporting Activities for Kids in Singapore

2. Ride a bike

If you've always wanted to teach junior how to cycle, now's as good a time as any.

In fact, the earlier you get them started, the easier it is for them to pick the skill up!

Find everything you need in our comprehensive guide on how to teach your kids to ride a bike. It goes without saying that they need their own bicycle that's packed with safety features and designed for children. Look no further than our 14 inch Kids Bicycles that will be perfect for their first riding adventure.

Once the hard part's done, it's off to exploring Singapore on two wheels together! Nothing spells quality time like cycling with your kid around the island.

From the scenic waterway sights in Punggol, to enjoying the sea breeze along East Coast Park, to exploring the offbeat terrains that Coney Island has to offer – you'll be off creating unforgettable memories in no time.

Best Sporting Activities for Kids in Singapore

3. Stay calm and yoga on

If the weather's making it hard to hit the outdoors, don't fret – there are tons of indoor activities you could do as well.

For one, you could get junior to practice yoga with you!

The benefits that kids get from practicing yoga include helping them regulate their emotions, developing their strength and flexibility, boosting their self-esteem, increasing their bodily awareness and the list goes on.

So, there's really no reason not to start them early!

You could also cool down after with a variation of stretches for kids.

Best Sporting Activities for Kids in Singapore

4. Go rollerblading

Got an adventurous one at home who loves adrenaline and speed?

Rollerblading is definitely the solution to their daredevil needs.

Not only does it train their stamina, core strength, lower body strength and coordination, it also teaches them what it's like to fall down and get back up – a true lesson in determination indeed.

Check out our guide to choosing the right pair of rollerblades for your kids to get the ball rolling.

We've also found a handy video tutorial by Powerslides Inline Skates on how to teach your kid to start rollerblading.

Best Sporting Activities for Kids in Singapore

5. Hit the beach

If it's a nice sunny day out, it's time to soak up some vitamin sea or vitamin D – round up the whole gang, pack some bags and snacks, and hit the beach!

The best part about going to the beach? You get to sit back and relax while letting junior do their own thing. It's a win-win situation for both of you!

All you have to do is to jot down these 5 best beach games to ensure junior is preoccupied – think beach rugby, beach tennis, beach soccer, and more.

Best Sporting Activities for Kids in Singapore

6. Fly a kite

Kite flying is one of those highly underrated, but super fun activities to do especially on days with good weather and ample wind.

With so many sights to see and explore in Singapore, flying a kite is definitely one of the best ways to do so.

Pack a picnic and hit up one of these 8 scenic places to fly a kite in Singapore with the little ones!

Don't forget to pack enough snacks, water and take an instant shelter with you in the event that the sun gets too hot.

Best Sporting Activities for Kids in Singapore

7. Make running fun

Jot this one down for days where you feel like you need to get some exercise in.

Why not rope in junior to join you in a run as well?

To make it a fun family activity, you could pick a nice venue to run at with the little ones – that would definitely quell all boredom and inertia of putting an actual workout in.

Check out these top 5 places to run in Singapore with kids, complete with scenic sights and activities for the kids to enjoy as a post-run treat.

Best Sporting Activities for Kids in Singapore

8. Waveboard

Another one for little daredevils!

Plus points if you already know how to skateboard or wave board yourself – that'll definitely make it easier for you to get junior started on the board.

However, if you don't have any prior experience, this is a good opportunity to use it as a bonding session by trying something new together!

Both you and junior could try to get the hang of wave boarding together by following this simple 5-step guide to waveboarding for beginners that we've created.

Best Sporting Activities for Kids in Singapore

9. Dive in

What's the best way to cool off on sultry days? Jumping into the pool, of course!

Hit up your nearest swimming pool to take a dip with your little ones. They would definitely love splashing around on hot days.

If it's junior's first time hitting the pool, or if they're not too strong at swimming yet, ensure that they are fully equipped with the right safety gear before they enter the pool. You don't wanna be taking any unnecessary risks right there!

Check out our guide on discovering the best safety gear for young swimmers to ensure a fun yet safe session.

Best Sporting Activities for Kids in Singapore

10. Plan a picnic

Having a picnic is probably the most chill activity in this list, but it's still a great activity for a fun bonding time with the whole family nonetheless!

Spruce things up by getting the little ones involved in the preparation as well by getting them to help out in the kitchen.

For example, your little helper could help you to cut off the crusts on your sandwiches, assemble a simple pasta together, or help to peel the skin off some fruits – make the prep session as interactive and fun as possible.

To help out, we've also got a list of 10 great places you should not miss out on for a lovely picnic on our sunny island and a guide to picking the right picnic mat!

We hope that you found this simple listicle useful!

Now that you're geared up with this list, planning sporting activities with your kids should not be such a brain-racking task anymore!

Go ahead and start planning for all these upcoming activities for the whole family.

These will definitely be memories that junior will remember for a long time to come.

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