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Decathlon provides a range of football products that aims to fulfil your every need on the field, and for all ages. Read on to find out what our experts have to say about the trending topics in football, and in Singapore.


How to Choose Your Goalkeeper Gloves

Discover our great range of goalkeeper gloves designed for you to make that crucial save of the game. We have a range of goalkeeper gloves and apparel for both kids and adults.

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How to Choose your Football Shin Guard?

Find our advice to help you choose your football shin guards.

Kids Sports Day Singapore

6 Best (& Affordable) Equipment for a School Sports Day in Singapore

Looking to host Sports Day at your school? Here we have affordable items and equipment perfect for this exciting event in school.


How to Choose the Right Soccer Ball: Sizes and Practice Level

How to choose the right football for your practice? Here is the complete guideline based on size and level of play.


4 Best Spots To Play Football In Singapore

Thinking about where to play football in Singapore? Read on to find out more! From rooftop pitches to free pitches, we will round up the different pitches you can play football in Singapore.

How to choose a portable goalpost?

How to Choose a Portable Football Goalpost

Which portable goalpost is the most appropriate for where and how I play? You'll find the answers in this article.

4 Football Essentials for Beginners

4 Soccer Essentials for Beginners

So you've always dreamt of scoring goals on the soccer field. What's stopping you now? Here are 4 football products to get you started!

How to Choose a Football Jersey?

How to Choose a Football Jersey?

Whether you are looking for a sports jersey for your practice sessions or a new football jersey for your entire team, here's how to choose the best!


Soccer Products to Create Unforgettable Memories on the Pitch

Shop our football gear and get our top picks delivered within 2 hours! Create some memories on the pitch this national day!

How to Choose Your Next Soccer Boots!

How to Choose Your Next Pair of Soccer Boots

Unsure of which soccer boots to get? There are boots for natural grass, artificial grass and more. Learn how to choose the best pair for you.

3 Must-Haves for an Outdoor Family Time this June Holidays

3 Must-Have Items for an Outdoor Family Time this June Holiday

We've got all you need for an active, fun-filled day out this June holiday – from soft archery sets, to 2-second tents and more!

#TheFirstRuleIsPlay: How to Enjoy Sports with Decathlon!

#TheFirstRuleIsPlay: How to Enjoy Sports with Decathlon!

Forget the right number of players or even the right field to play - at Decathlon, #TheFirstRuleIsPlay, and we'll show you how!


Advantages Of Playing Football

What are the health benefits of football? Here are the five benefits of the beautiful game for your mind and body.


4 Football Basics For All

Learn the rules and basics of the most popular sport in the world: football! Find out how to set up a game and the essential equipment needed.


The Importance of Football Base-Layers

Ever wondered what is a football base-layer and why you should wear it? Wearing base-layers while playing sports is useful in many ways!


Choosing A Football Bag Like A Pro!

Thinking of what to pack in your football bag? Here are Decathlon's top picks for football essentials!

The Perfect Gift Guide For Footballers!

The Perfect Gift Guide For Footballers!

We have reached the season of giving again! Find out the best football products for your friends and family this Christmas! :-)


How To Choose Your Football Size

We help you to determine the right size of a football for you based on the ball circumference, weight, and player’s age.

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