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Decathlon's experts are here to help you choose the right products and give you useful advice in order to enhance your running experience.

How To Choose Your Treadmill?

How To Choose Your Treadmill? | 6 Factors To Look Out For

Read our tips on how to choose a treadmill.

Best Activities for Kids in Singapore

Best Sporting Activities for Kids in Singapore

Looking for fun activities to do in Singapore on the weekends or during the school holidays? We've got you covered with this list!


How To Make Running Part Of Your Daily Routine

There is never a better time to start running. Cut the excuses and get to the roads now! No more excuses at all.


How to breathe properly when running?

Breathing properly while running is crucial as many joggers go out of breath. But, physical exercise will always speed it up. Follow our guide to get the right tips!


7 Easy Steps to Maintain Your Running Shoes

You don't need many pairs of running shoes – just one or two that can last longer with the proper care. Here are a few tips for you to extend the usage of your running shoes!


Benefits of Running: 5 Reasons to Start Now

Running is a great way to improve your health. Discover 5 reasons why running is good for your body and your mindset. Are you ready?


10 Running Tips All Beginners Need to Know

Are you a new runner? Let our running sports advisors share their Top 10 expert tips on running to get you started!


Create Memories In The City With Our Top Running Gear

Shop our running gear and get our top picks delivered within 2 hours! Create some memories during runs through Singapore this National Day! :)


5 Simple Tips To Boost Your Running Motivation

Whether it’s because we always run the same old route, or because we just need that extra push - here are 5 tips to make sure you will always want and love to run!


How to Maintain Your Sportswear

Extend the shelf lives of your sports attire with our top tips!

5 Best Scenic Running Routes

7 Best Scenic Running Routes in Singapore

Bored of your same old running routes? Refresh your runs with 7 of our top routes to run in Singapore with great views!


Trail Running in Singapore | Complete Gear Checklist for Beginners

If you’re itching to explore Singapore's trails but don’t know where to start, we have compiled this list of must-have gear for beginners.


6 Must-Follow Ways to Prepare for Your First Race

Make the most out of your first ever running race event by following these handy tips.

Get Motivated to Start Running with these 5 Running Essentials

Start Running with these 4 Men's Running Essentials!

Finding the motivation to start running is not easy. But once you pick up the sport, you'll never look back! Here are 4 essentials to get you going.


How You Are Benefitting From Running

Running is an everyday and routine type of exercise that comes with many benefits. Read on to find out how you've been secretly benefitting from running! :)


The Importance of Warm-Ups Before Your Run and How To Do Them

We give you the lowdown on why warm-ups before a run important and the best routines to do so. Read on!

3 Places to Practice Trail Running in Singapore

3 Places to Practice Trail Running in Singapore

Trail running is the best way to experience the benefit of running while being surrounded by nature – here are 3 places in Singapore to do so!

Couch to 7km Running Workout Plan by Experts

Couch to 7km Running Workout Plan

Here is our expert-designed programme to completing a 7km run in just 9 weeks! Build your running endurance, speed, and fitness with this guide.

Our Top Hacks: How To Train For a 2.4km IPPT Run

How to Train for A 2.4km Run: IPPT Tips

Looking to grab that sweet IPPT Gold? Or simply want to improve your 2.4km timing? Start with this easy guide.

Beneficial foods for running

What to Eat When You Workout: 4 Snacks that are Easy to Prepare

Eating properly before or during a sport session maximises the benefits of sport. Read on to find out the 4 types of food we'd recommend!



Not all socks were made equal! Read on to find out how you can choose the right pair for a better run.

How to Avoid Weight Gain During Chinese New Year

Eat Smart: How to Avoid Weight Gain During Chinese New Year

How much is too much when it comes to Chinese New Year snacking? Here's what to look out for to avoid weight gain over the festivities.

Connected watch GPS watch GPS hiking cardio watch GPS watch GPS running

How to Choose a Running Watch?

Not all running watches were made the same! Discover the different features to consider before you make a purchase.


How to Run on a Treadmill? 5 Top Tips

Running on a treadmill has a lot of benefits to offer, including toning, stamina and weight loss. Check out 5 tips to start out confidently.

Shopping Safely at Decathlon: Here's How

How to Shop Safely at Decathlon Singapore Stores

If safety is an added concern for shopping in this period, here are some tips on how you can continue shopping at Decathlon with a peace of mind!

36km Singapore Coast to Coast Trail: Top 5 Tips

5 Top Tips to Prepare for 36km Coast-to-Coast Trail in Singapore

Check out some handy tips to prepare for the 36km Coast to Coast Trail in Singapore. Good exercise and fresh views await the bold!

5 Best Beginner Trail Running Shoes

5 Best Beginner Trail Running Shoes

Thinking of picking up trail running? Getting the right pair of shoes is of utmost importance. Discover the 5 best beginner pairs to begin!

What should I eat before running?

What Should I Eat Before and After Running?

Eating well before AND after running is essential to performance and making the most out of your session. Find out more!

How to Train Your Push Ups and Sit Ups: IPPT Hacks

5 Tips to Train for Push Ups and Sit Ups: IPPT Tips

Looking to grab that sweet IPPT Gold? Or simply want to ace your physique and build your muscles? These 2 static workouts are guaranteed to sharpen your constitution.


How to Choose the Best Running Shoes?

Done with the hassle of finding the perfect running shoes? Here are our expert tips on how you can find the right fit.

What Should I Eat Before and After a Workout?

What Should I Eat Before and After a Workout?

We break down the types of nutrition to consume based on 6 different sports – from running, to yoga, to cycling and more!

Top 5 Places in Singapore to Run with Your Kid

Top 5 Places in Singapore to Run with Your Kid

Running with your kids is a great way to introduce them to this sport and get their hearts pumping!



From scenic run routes, to underrated hiking spots, to basketball courts - discover the best places to play your favourite sport in Singapore now!

#TheFirstRuleIsPlay: How to Enjoy Sports with Decathlon!

#TheFirstRuleIsPlay: How to Enjoy Sports with Decathlon!

Forget the right number of players or even the right field to play - at Decathlon, #TheFirstRuleIsPlay, and we'll show you how!

Sprained Ankle

Sport Injury Management: 4 Steps To Treat Your Sprained Ankle

Hurt your ankle? Want to get back in the game? Here are 4 steps on treating your sprained ankle!

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