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Decathlon's experts are here to help you choose the right products and give you useful advice in order to enhance your hiking & trekking experience.

The clothes to wear for trekking The 4-layer system explained by mountain advanced specialists.

Choosing the right clothes for trekking, using the 4-layer technique

When it comes to staying dry and at the right temperature when trekking, there's no use in just multiplying the number of layers: You just need to find the right combination of clothes! The 4-layer rule is a heat management and humidity regulation technique.

Where to Have Picnic in Singapore

Where to Picnic in Singapore: 10 Places Not to Miss

Picnic is a perfect outdoor activity for all ages! Relax, chill and play with friends and family at these places in Singapore.



When you get back from a hike, you're bound to feel more relaxed and have more energy though it might sound counterintuitive. But do you know why?


How to Care: Merino Wool

For your Merino wool clothing to last long, learn how to wash and care for them to keep them in tip top condition!

How to choose your hiking poles ?

How to Choose Your Hiking Pole: 7 Things to Look Out For

A hiking pole is super essential for hikes, especially when descending on steeper terrains. Find out how to pick the right hiking pole for you!


How to Choose the Best Pair of Winter Boots

Looking for some winter boots or shoes for your winter holiday? Here are tips and tricks on choosing the best pair to suit you!

6 Places to Go Camping in Singapore

6 Places to Go Camping in Singapore

Discover six fantastic camping spots in Singapore where you can pitch a tent, relax, and escape the city's hustle and bustle.

how to choose a sleeping bag for camping

How to Choose a Sleeping Bag for Camping?

It's important to choose the right sleeping bag, especially if you are going camping – it will make or break your experience! Read our advice to choose the right one.

Our Eco-Design Approaches and Criteria

Our Eco-Design Approaches and Criteria

How does Decathlon eco-design? When is a product considered eco-designed? Discover our different eco-design approaches.

3 Essentials for Wet Weather

4 Wet Weather Products for Outdoor Activities or Everyday Use

Protect yourself from the rain with these 3 waterproof apparel. Lightweight and compact, they're good to have on hand in case of a sudden downpour!



Wish for your hiking shoes or boots to follow you on all your adventures for as long as possible? Read on to find out how!


Tips For First Time Hikers Part 1: Preparation

In the first installation to our Tips For First Time Hikers, we share ways on how to prepare for your first mountain hike!


What to Bring on a Picnic Date: 3 Underrated Items

Here are some underrated but highly recommended items to bring for your next picnic date to make it the perfect outing!


Benefits of Hiking on Your Body (plus other tips!)

More than just a walk in the park; hiking is an outdoor adventure! Despite its benefits, it is sometimes overlooked as a sport. Here is why you should hike (even in Singapore) and some tips to get you started!

How to Choose Picnic Mats

Where to buy a picnic mat and choose the right one

Looking for picnic mats to enjoy a day outdoors? We have mats that are insulated, compact, and in different sizes! Find out which suits you best!


Warm-Up and Cooldown Exercises for Hiking

We introduce a set of stretching exercises without any equipment to get you all pumped up/ cooled down!

Little Guilin: Getting There and Things to Do

Guide to Little Guilin: Getting There and Things to Do

In this article, we'll take you on a journey to discover how to get to Little Guilin and explore the captivating experiences it offers.

5 Things to Do at Kent Ridge Park

5 Things to Do at Kent Ridge Park

Whether you're an avid nature lover, a history enthusiast, or simply seeking a peaceful retreat, Kent Ridge Park has something for everyone.

How to Travel Light for Winter?

How to Travel Light for Winter?

We've compiled a comprehensive list of 10 tips and tricks to help you conquer the art of efficient winter packing without sacrificing comfort.

how to layer for winter trip

How to Layer Effectively for Your Next Winter Trip | Winter Wear 101

Thicker doesn't always mean better. Learn more about layering effectively so you can stay warm on your winter holiday!


What Is A Fleece Jacket? | Winter Layering for a Trip

Learn more about what fleece jackets are, and determine whether they are the right mid-layer to bring for your winter trip!

How to choose junior hiking footwear?

How do you choose your Hiking t-shirt?

Are you going for a walk or are you looking for a hiking t-shirt? Depending on your needs, the t-shirt should answer different criteria.

How to choose junior hiking footwear?

How to choose hiking trousers?

When hiking, the choice of pants is important so that you feel comfortable! Follow our advice to make the right choice for your hiking gear!

Our fleeces give plastic the boot

Plastic bottles can take a hike

Yes, you can make super fleeces completely from recycled bottles!

Best Waterproof Backpacks for the Great Outdoors

Best Waterproof Backpacks for the Great Outdoors

A reliable waterproof backpack is essential for outdoor adventures. Discover our top 5 waterproof backpacks for all sorts of outdoor activities!

Best Nature Parks in Singapore

Best Nature Parks in Singapore

From lush green spaces to serene lakes, here are the 12 best nature parks in Singapore for a respite from the urban hustle and bustle!


Yoga Poses for Hikers

Think yoga and hiking have no link with each other? Think again! We introduce some beginner-friendly yoga poses which are great for hikers to try out at home!


How to Maintain and Store Tents

Do you love the outdoors and go out camping often? Discover tips and tricks to increase the lifespan of your tents!


How to Choose Best Backpack for Hiking?

Whether you’re going for a short stroll, day-long hike or mountain trekking, learn how to pick the right backpack with this trusty guide.

5 Underrated Travel Accessories to Get for Your Next Trip

5 Underrated Travel Accessories to Get for Your Next Trip

Discover 5 underrated travel accessories that offer practicality, convenience, and organisation. They're going to improve your travel experience!


5 Best Beginner Tips for Outdoor Camping

5 top tips you'll need to know about camping outdoors: what you'll need to bring, how to set up a tent and more!


Top 7 Mountain Hiking Spots in Asia

Looking to hike in Asia? Consider these top 7 spots – from Mount Kinabalu to Mount Bromo, it will be a blast!

10 Top Road Trip Tips for Beginners

10 Top Road Trip Tips for Beginners

Having the right essentials can make a significant difference in ensuring a comfortable, safe, and enjoyable road trip. Read on to discover more!

thermal base layers

How to Choose Thermal Base Layers?

Thermal base layers play a big part in keeping you warm during winter. Read on to discover the 3 different types that we offer at Decathlon Singapore!



Starting out on your cycling journey? Or looking to get some accessories to spruce up your ride? We've got all the advice you need right here!

10 Places to Hike with Your Kids in Singapore

10 Best Places to Hike with Your Kids in Singapore

Planning for a hike with the family this weekend? Check out 10 top places for both young and old to enjoy!


How to Choose a Waterproof Hiking Jacket

There are 3 criteria to determine your choice of a waterproof jacket: level of waterproofing, outside temperature and intensity of your exercise.

trekking boots on a mountain hiking

How to Choose the Right Hiking Shoes

When choosing hiking shoes or boots, consider the terrain you will be exploring and the load you plan to carry. Read this guide to pick the right pair


How To Care for Hiking & Backpacking Bags: 3 Tried-and-True Ways

Clean, store, and waterproof - learn more about these three hassle-free steps to show your backpack some love!

Complete Guide to Hiking at Ulu Sembawang Park Connector

Complete Guide to Hiking at Ulu Sembawang Park Connector

Put this hiking spot on your to-go list! In this guide, we explore this magnificent hiking route in detail – from directions to packing list and more.

How to Choose a Camping Chair?

How to Choose a Camping Chair?

Looking for a camping chair for your next outdoor adventure? If you've never gotten one before, here are some options to aid your decision.


How To Choose The Best Base-Layers For Cold Weather

Did you know base-layers are actually not meant to keep you warm? Find out how to properly use and choose them.

How To Choose A Down Jacket

What are Down & Synthetic Down Feather Jackets?

Planning a winter trip? Learn the difference between down feather and synthetic down feather jackets to decide the right jacket for your trip!


How to Choose the Right Hiking Socks?

A good pair of socks makes all of the difference on long hikes. Read on to find out more in this guide!

How to Prevent Blisters During Hikes

How to Prevent Blisters While Hiking

Discover why blisters form and learn how to protect against them!


11 Secret Places to Hike In Singapore

Feeling adventurous and want to discover new hidden trails to go hiking? Check out our top 11 secret hiking spots in Singapore!

Urban Hike Trails in Singapore

3 Urban Hiking Trails: The Best Way to Explore Singapore by Foot

Looking for ways to discover Singapore for free? Read on to have your next adventure by simply walking! Plus point - it burns calories too.

36km Singapore Coast to Coast Trail: Top 5 Tips

5 Top Tips to Prepare for 36km Coast-to-Coast Trail in Singapore

Check out some handy tips to prepare for the 36km Coast to Coast Trail in Singapore. Good exercise and fresh views await the bold!

Hiking Mount Imbiah Trail: The Complete Guide

Hiking Mount Imbiah Trail: The Complete Guide

Discover tips and tricks to discovering the unique Imbiah Trail in Sentosa Singapore, including what to bring, the full route and more!

5 Sporty Couple Activities to Do in Singapore

5 Sports Activities to Do in Singapore as a Couple

Weekends and special occasions won't be a bore with this list!


10 Top Tips for Hiking in Winter Time

Ever wondered what you need to look out for when you are going for a winter hike? Check out our top 10 tips for winter hiking!

What Should I Eat Before and After a Workout?

What Should I Eat Before and After a Workout?

We break down the types of nutrition to consume based on 6 different sports – from running, to yoga, to cycling and more!



From scenic run routes, to underrated hiking spots, to basketball courts - discover the best places to play your favourite sport in Singapore now!

4 Quick Tips For A Walkathon

4 Quick Tips For A Walkathon in Singapore

A walkathon might sound like an easy feat but without proper preparation, you might end up regretting your decision before you reach the finishing point!

5 Ways To Be Hiking Ready

5 Ways To Be Hiking Ready

It's challenging to prepare for a hike if you don't know where you are going or what to expect on the trail. Here are some tips from us to ensure you're prepared for your hike always!

#TheFirstRuleIsPlay: How to Enjoy Sports with Decathlon!

#TheFirstRuleIsPlay: How to Enjoy Sports with Decathlon!

Forget the right number of players or even the right field to play - at Decathlon, #TheFirstRuleIsPlay, and we'll show you how!


Top 10 Mistakes You Want To Avoid While Hiking

Mountain hiking is a sport practiced by many, but there are a few essentials that should be taken care of at all times. Here are 10 essential mountain hiking tips! :)


10 Winter Hiking Trails to Visit

Ever wanted to conquer a snow trail? Find out which top winter hiking trails are a must to climb!


7 Minimal Impact Strategies for Hiking You Need to Know

True to the "Leave No Trace" principle, here's 7 ways to minimise the negative impacts of camping or hiking on the environment!