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How To Choose Your Treadmill?

How To Choose Your Treadmill? | 6 Factors To Look Out For

Read our tips on how to choose a treadmill.

backpack preparation trip around the world

How to prepare your backpack to go on a trip?

Are you heading off for a backpacking trip soon? Is preparing your things already giving you a headache? Here are a few tips from Julie, a sales assistant at Forclaz and seasoned traveller.


11 Secret Places to Hike In Singapore

Feeling adventurous and want to discover new hidden trails to go hiking? Check out our top 11 secret hiking spots in Singapore!


5 Breathtaking Scuba Diving Spots in Southeast Asia

Explore beautiful corals & spectacular marine life at these dive spots. Each of these spots will give you an unforgettable glimpse of life underwater.

5 Best Beach Sports to Play in Singapore

5 Best Beach Sports to Play in Singapore

One of the best ways to spend time with loved ones is playing beach sports. Here are 5 sports you can play the next time you hit the beach!

The clothes to wear for trekking The 4-layer system explained by mountain advanced specialists.

Choosing the right clothes for trekking, using the 4-layer technique

When it comes to staying dry and at the right temperature when trekking, there's no use in just multiplying the number of layers: You just need to find the right combination of clothes! The 4-layer rule is a heat management and humidity regulation technique.

Best Activities for Kids in Singapore

Best Sporting Activities for Kids in Singapore

Looking for fun activities to do in Singapore on the weekends or during the school holidays? We've got you covered with this list!


Guide to East Coast Park | Scenic Cycling Routes in Singapore

Discover one of the most popular cycling trails in Singapore: East Coast Park! Find out the best route and pit stops for your ride here.

Where to Have Picnic in Singapore

Where to Picnic in Singapore: 10 Places Not to Miss

Picnic is a perfect outdoor activity for all ages! Relax, chill and play with friends and family at these places in Singapore.

Trainings to make a swimming comeback

How to Swim Faster? | 3 Trainings Programmes for a Swimming Comeback

What should you do to get back to the pool after a long pause? Here are some plans collated by our swimming experts to get back into the swim of things.


How Does Swimming Equipment Improve Your Swim?

Swimming equipment like paddles, fins, snorkels and pull buoys are incredibly helpful in muscle building. Discover more now!



Decathlon’s newly-launched Carousell store offers customers a convenient and trustworthy platform to buy and sell secondhand bicycles

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Decathlon Circular Bazaar 2024

Discover a sporty and sustainable Good Friday Weekend at Decathlon's Circular Bazaar! Join us from March 29th to 31st, Register for Free!


How to prepare for a family mountain bike ride

Check out our tips before heading out on your mountain bike with the kids!



When you get back from a hike, you're bound to feel more relaxed and have more energy though it might sound counterintuitive. But do you know why?

Dodging the GST Curveball

Dodging the GST Curveball in 2024

Decathlon Singapore maintains affordable sports essentials despite the GST hike. Discover our commitment to value and your passion for sports!

5 Best Folding Bikes for Ultimate Convenience

4 Best Folding Bikes for Ultimate Convenience

Thinking of getting a foldie? Read this comprehensive guide to discover how to choose the right one, and 5 value-for-money options!

How To Choose Your Bike Helmet?

How To Choose Your Bike Helmet?

When cycling, helmets are an absolute must for safety and a vital part of your cycling gear! Read on to find out how to choose the best one for you.

man cycling in city

Cycling Rules for the road: tips for beginners

Do you know the rules (official and non-official) that apply to cyclists in your region? Use this guide as a quick reminder of how to best share the road with others.


How to Choose: The Right Children's Bicycle Helmet for Every Age

Discover our range of helmets for children of all ages!


Products That Improve Your Cycling Experience

Many new cyclists (and even some experienced ones) often don't realize that they could greatly improve their ride with some simple accessories. Read on to find out more!


How to Choose a Road Bike

What features should you look out for? Read on to find out the different aspects of a road bike that you should prioritise!

bike light

How to Choose the Right Bike Light

Read our guide to find out how to choose the right bike lights before your next night ride! We break it down simply for you.


Bike Maintenance Tips: Correct Tyre Pressure for Your Bicycle

From road bikes to foldies, here's how you can maintain an ideal tyre pressure based on the type of bike you own.

How To Choose Your Yoga Outfit?

How To Choose Your Yoga Outfit?

Read our tips on how to choose a yoga outfit based on the different types of yoga practices!

how to choose a yoga mat

How to Choose The Perfect Yoga Mat

Unsure of which yoga mat is the best for your routine? We help you choose the right one based on the poses in your routine and also your preferences.


Create Memories In Yoga Sessions With Our Top Yoga Picks

Shop our yoga gear and get our top picks delivered within 2 hours! Create some memories during your yoga sessions this National Day! :)


3 Ways To Have Free Yoga Lessons in Singapore

Forget paying for yoga lessons, have them for free! Yes, free! Here are some ways you can get free yoga lessons in Singapore.

How to serenely tackle the swim leg in Aquathlon?

How to serenely tackle the swim leg in Aquathlon?

Swimming is always a stressful part during an aquathlon: you wonder what will happen during your first? Follow the guide!


How To Make Running Part Of Your Daily Routine

There is never a better time to start running. Cut the excuses and get to the roads now! No more excuses at all.


How to breathe properly when running?

Breathing properly while running is crucial as many joggers go out of breath. But, physical exercise will always speed it up. Follow our guide to get the right tips!


How To Choose Your Badminton Shoes?

Check out our tips to help you choose your badminton shoes!

cc grip ou surgrip badminton

How to Choose Your Badminton Grip?

Read our advice on choosing a badminton grip that will best suit your style of play.

How To Choose An Adult Tennis Racket?

6 Ways to Choose the Best Adult Tennis Racket

A suitable tennis racket is crucial for court performance. Read this guide for 6 different criteria to consider before you choose the right one!

Mit diesen 3 Aufwärmübungen bist du bereit fürs Badminton-Spiel

3 Effective Warmups Before a Badminton Game

Warming up before a game is super important, as it keeps your muscles warm and prevents cramps and injuries. It also helps you to play effectively.


How to Care: Merino Wool

For your Merino wool clothing to last long, learn how to wash and care for them to keep them in tip top condition!

How to choose your hiking poles ?

How to Choose Your Hiking Pole: 7 Things to Look Out For

A hiking pole is super essential for hikes, especially when descending on steeper terrains. Find out how to pick the right hiking pole for you!


How to Choose the Best Pair of Winter Boots

Looking for some winter boots or shoes for your winter holiday? Here are tips and tricks on choosing the best pair to suit you!


How to Choose Your Goalkeeper Gloves

Discover our great range of goalkeeper gloves designed for you to make that crucial save of the game. We have a range of goalkeeper gloves and apparel for both kids and adults.

protege tibias

How to Choose your Football Shin Guard?

Find our advice to help you choose your football shin guards.


Why You Should Start Doing Abs Workouts

Wondering if working out your abs provides any benefit? Find out more about why developing your core is important!


Muscle Building vs Cross Training

Ever wondered what's the difference between muscle building and cross training? We break it down for you so you can choose the right one for you.


What's the Best Way to Use Your Treadmill?

Settings, position, typical session... Discover the practical tips for getting started with cardio training on a treadmill in the most efficient way!

Comment entretenir mon vélo elliptique ?

How to Maintain Your Cross Trainer?

Clean and maintain your elliptical trainer regularly for a risk-free and stress-free practice over time!


Ways to Use Your Exercise Bike to Get the Most Out of it

When used right, an exercise bike is a great non-impact way to exercise and burn calories. Discover our tips on using it to achieve your goals!

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10 Essential Bicycle Tools to Build Your Home Workshop

Find out which bike tools are a must-have in your home workshop that can help in maintaining your bicycle!


Workout Tips for Maintaining Your Cycling Strength at Home

Try these home workouts which you can do to maintain your cycling strength and endurance in preparation for your next cycle!


How to Lose Weight Fast: 5 Easy Steps

Been gaining unhealthy weight while working from home and snacking in between? Check out our guide on how to lose weight quickly!

12 Kid-Friendly Swimming Pools in Singapore

12 Kid-Friendly Swimming Pools in Singapore

Discover these 12 perfect kid-friendly swimming pools to take a dip on hot days with the whole family!

6 Places to Go Camping in Singapore

6 Places to Go Camping in Singapore

Discover six fantastic camping spots in Singapore where you can pitch a tent, relax, and escape the city's hustle and bustle.

how to choose a sleeping bag for camping

How to Choose a Sleeping Bag for Camping?

It's important to choose the right sleeping bag, especially if you are going camping – it will make or break your experience! Read our advice to choose the right one.


7 Easy Steps to Maintain Your Running Shoes

You don't need many pairs of running shoes – just one or two that can last longer with the proper care. Here are a few tips for you to extend the usage of your running shoes!


How to Choose Basketball Backboards and Hoops?

Here's a guide to help you choose the ideal basketball hoop or backboard if you're looking to get one of your own!

weight-loss programme treadmill

Lose Weight with this 4-Week Treadmill Programme

Planning on shedding those extra pounds? If you've got access to a treadmill, check out this four-week programme to get started.

Resistance Band

4 Resistance Training Band Exercises for Strength Building

No weights at home? Resistance bands are a space-saving alternative to build and muscles strength too. Read this guide for 4 exercises to start!

where to book badminton court

Where to Play Badminton in Singapore: 10 Top Spots

Thinking of organising a badminton sesh with your friends and loved ones soon? Get smashing with these 10 spots in Singapore.

Our Eco-Design Approaches and Criteria

Our Eco-Design Approaches and Criteria

How does Decathlon eco-design? When is a product considered eco-designed? Discover our different eco-design approaches.

Yoga with Child

Yoga At Home: For Kids

How to teach yoga to your kids? Click on this article to find out more! A fun and intuitive way to do Yoga together :)


How to Teach Your Child to Ride A Bike?

Kids learn to ride a bicycle through several phases: balancing, braking and pedalling. Here are our tips on assisting them to do so!


How to Teach Your Child to Ride a Scooter

Discover some tips on how to teach your child to ride a scooter!


Benefits of Running: 5 Reasons to Start Now

Running is a great way to improve your health. Discover 5 reasons why running is good for your body and your mindset. Are you ready?

How to choose the best Decathlon camping tent

How to Choose the Best Camping Tent?

There are plenty of tents to choose from in the market, but it's key to choose the one most that's most suitable for your use. Find out more!

How To Choose Your Tennis Bag?

How To Choose Your Tennis Bag?

Take a look at our advice on how to choose your tennis bag based on your skill level and needs!

3m easy set

How to Choose an Outdoor Badminton Net

Looking to play badminton outdoors? Based on 3 considerations, here are our tips on on how to choose the right outdoor badminton net for yourself!


10 Running Tips All Beginners Need to Know

Are you a new runner? Let our running sports advisors share their Top 10 expert tips on running to get you started!


Create Memories In The City With Our Top Running Gear

Shop our running gear and get our top picks delivered within 2 hours! Create some memories during runs through Singapore this National Day! :)


Where To Go To Ski

Ever wondered where you should head to for a ski or snowboard trip? Check out our ski & snowboard top places just for you!

Day Intro Yoga Challenge - Day 5 - Breathing and Meditation

5 Days Of Yoga Practice: Day 5 - Breathing and Meditation

On the last day of our 5 Days of Introductory Yoga, we want to look inwards, to focus on yourself, to calm your mind with various meditation and breathing postures after a long day of work.

5 Days Of Yoga Practice

5 Days Of Yoga Practice

Want to get started with Yoga, and don't know how? No worries! Read this article to find out more about the 5 Days Of Yoga Practice!


5 Simple Tips To Boost Your Running Motivation

Whether it’s because we always run the same old route, or because we just need that extra push - here are 5 tips to make sure you will always want and love to run!

How To Count Points On A Dart Board

How to: Count Points on a Dart Board

Want to learn to count points during a game of darts? Whether you have a traditional or electronic dart board, our guide will help you!


Work Out, Drink Up! Stay Hydrated During Your Home Workouts

Learn how to stay hydrated during your home workouts!


3 Tips To Have A Successful Diving Trip

You've decided to organise a diving trip? Prepare your trip properly with these tips! Is it your first time? Or do you dive regularly? How about a new destination? Worried about being unprepared? Sit back and read this article to make sure you're prepared for your upcoming diving trip!


What to Wear to Ski: 10 Essentials

Tick this list of 10 essentials and you'll be good to go for your next ski trip. Read on!


5 Easy Steps to Maintain Your Bicycle Chain

Bike maintenance may seem like a hassle, but it really isn't. In this series, we give you tips on how to keep your bicycle chain in tip-top condition!


How to Choose a Baby Seat for Your Bicycle

Our cycling experts give advice on how to choose a baby seat to fit your bicycle and tot!


5 Amazing Health Benefits of Swimming

Swimming is an easy way to stay in shape. It is a safe, complete training that can suit both beginners and experts. Check out 5 reasons why you should start swimming today! :)


Benefits Of Triathlons

The benefits of triathlons are great for everyone and if you want to challenge yourself, this is the perfect sport for you!


How to Maintain Your Sportswear

Extend the shelf lives of your sports attire with our top tips!

3 Essentials for Wet Weather

4 Wet Weather Products for Outdoor Activities or Everyday Use

Protect yourself from the rain with these 3 waterproof apparel. Lightweight and compact, they're good to have on hand in case of a sudden downpour!

5 Day Intro Yoga Challenge : Day 2 - Opening and Calmness

5 Days Of Yoga Practice : Day 2 - Opening and Calmness

In our 5 Days of Yoga , Day 2 consists of opening poses to help awaken your body as we open up our chest.

5 Day Intro Yoga Challenge : Day 3 - Inversions

5 Days Of Yoga Practice : Day 3 - Inversions

In our 5 Days of Yoga, Day 3, we want to work on inversions.


Guide to Mandai Loop | Scenic Cycling Routes in Singapore

Want to go slightly off the beaten path? Discover the formidable and 'secret' Mandai Loop road cycling route in-depth with us!


How To Ski Safely

Skiing is one of the sports providing a feeling of total freedom. But in order to enjoy the most while skiing, you need to know the safety rules and tips that will keep you safe on ski slopes.

How To Practice Yoga At Home

Yoga at Home - 10 Tips For Your Home Practice

Tips on how to begin your yoga practice at home. It's simpler than you think!



Wish for your hiking shoes or boots to follow you on all your adventures for as long as possible? Read on to find out how!

Cardio Workout


Stuck at home, and want to sweat it out? Here is an easy and effective home cardio workout that requires minimal equipment but produces maximum sweat.

5 Best Scenic Running Routes

7 Best Scenic Running Routes in Singapore

Bored of your same old running routes? Refresh your runs with 7 of our top routes to run in Singapore with great views!


How to Start Cycling with Clipless Pedals

Curious about clipless pedals? Read on to find out more!

Easybreath Mask: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Easybreath Mask: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are the most frequently asked questions concerning the Subea Easybreath mask. These FAQ were collected through feedback from Easybreath users. Feel free to send us your comments or questions to add to these FAQ and share your experience.

How To Choose Your Fitness Mat?

How To Choose Your Fitness Mat?

There are several criteria to choosing the right fitness mat for yourself – read our tips to find out more!


How Do I Choose the Right Triathlon for Me? Here's How.

Choosing a triathlon race to join depends on triathlon distances. Check out this article to get a complete breakdown on the types of triathlons!


Guide to Coney Island | Scenic Cycling Routes in Singapore

All biked up and nowhere to go? Why not let us take you on a journey through one of Singapore's hidden gems in the northeast - Coney Island!


8 Scenic Spots to Fly a Kite in Singapore

Planning a family activity to do this weekend? Fly a kite or two at these 8 scenic spots – thank us later!


The Ultimate Treadmill Training Programme

It doesn't take long to get the hang of treadmill running. To help you get off on the right foot, our coach gives you his tips on how to train safely and effectively.


Tips For First Time Hikers Part 1: Preparation

In the first installation to our Tips For First Time Hikers, we share ways on how to prepare for your first mountain hike!


Benefits of being a Scuba Diver

There are many benefits of scuba diving. Most people would agree that they dive for the pure enjoyment of experiencing the underwater world, however, it's time everyone knows how they benefit from being a scuba diver!


6 Top Spots to Go Scuba Diving in Asia

December is a great period to go diving and uncover the secrets of the ocean! Find out 6 nearby diving spots in Asia we'd recommend for this.


3 Reasons to Use the Kinomap App for Home Workouts

Want to exercise at homewhile also exploring and having fun? Is this even possible? Yes, it is! Kinomap, the indoor training app, takes control of your Domyos device by adjusting the resistance and incline to match the ascent or descent of the course.

Kids Sports Day Singapore

6 Best (& Affordable) Equipment for a School Sports Day in Singapore

Looking to host Sports Day at your school? Here we have affordable items and equipment perfect for this exciting event in school.

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